Luminar 2019 will be free for existing customers with many great features!

By | 01/10/2018

LuminarAlpha and Omega of today’s photography is Lightroom from Adobe. Many companies tried to make an alternative, but Lightroom is still considered as industry standard. On Mac platform, in the past, it was all about Lightroom from Adobe or Aperture from Apple, but Apple abandoned Aperture replacing with brand-new Photos app, which still did not reach even old Aperture level. Hopefully, 3rd-party app developers are trying to fight Adobe, and one of them will be Skylum (formerly Macphun) with its Luminar.

Luminar is not subscription-based, Skylum instead that releases new major version every year, while older major version is still supported. And if you are upgrading from older major version, you will get about 50% discount. But this year, Luminar 2019 will be completely free for all Luminar 2018 owners! What’s new and why you should consider to replace Lightroom with Luminar?

Libraries. Since december, Luminar will introduce this brand-new feature. This will be very robust feature for managing photos, like already Lightroom does. The very first version of Libraries will be about “performance, comfort, and enjoyment”. Many other cool features are on the way. Skylum also uploaded a sneak peek on YouTube. By Skylum’s words, “you’ll be able to conveniently group photos into albums, rate pictures, sync edits between hundreds of images, and do more without the need to check back a manual every time”. I’m really excited about these new features and I just can’t wait.

Personally, I’m Mac user using built-in Apple’s Photos app for storing and managing photos, but thanks to Photos extension from Luminar, I don’t have to abandon Photos app to use powerful tools from Luminar. Luminar is fully integrated into Photos app (as extension) and you even do not have to launch Luminar itself. If you don’t like libraries and you prefer to sort photos by folders, nothing is changing. Just use Luminar like before, without Luminar Libraries.

And that’s not all. Luminar is already full of great tools for every photographer, but new features are coming, like new editing tools for portraits, landscape, aerial, etc. New looks, styles and other great tools are coming too, like new features powered by AI. Thanks to Luminar’s clean design, you will benefit from new and old features, no matters if you are a professional photographer with expensive camera or just “iPhone shooter”.

After my words, are you interested in Luminar?

If yes, then hurry. Luminar is currently at discount of 10 EURO, so this professional, but cheap app is even cheaper. If you are not sure, just download 14-days trial version. Luminar is available for Mac and Windows PC HERE.

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