Feem – wireless data transfer app – got big update

Feem v4Feem is something like Apple’s AirDrop, but better. It works outside Apple platform, so it doesn’t matter if you have Android smartphone, iPhone or PC laptop. Feem handles it all. I tried many apps for wireless transfer and I have chosen Feem. Someone may say that design is not as good as other apps, but Feem is unique. Why? Because… because it, unlike many similar apps, works! And you should agree with me, that apps should work. No one likes apps which do not work.

Feem is app for wireless transfer of datas. It uses wi-fi. No Internet access is required and also you don’t have to be connected to wi-fi network provided by your wi-fi router. This great app can create wi-fi hotspot directly from your mobile device, so you really need only your smartphones, tablets (or other supported devices) and Feem app installed on all devices you want to exchange datas with.

Feem v4 Screenshot

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Feem for iOS was not updated for quite long time, but now it got great update. App now supports iPhone X and GUI on iPad Pro 12.9-inch is no longer blurred. It also added two new features from iOS 11, as HEIF images support and iOS 11 Files app integration, but I’m still missing split-view with drag-n-drop support on iPads. The only way how to use drag-n-drop with Feem on iPads is to drag your files via Feem’s iOS 11 Files app integration.

Free version is fully usable, only few limitations are present. You can’t rename device’s name, select your custom avatar and ads are displayed. If you want to unlock these features and to remove ads, get premium. Developer claims that with 5% of the cost, you directly support the preservation of the rainforests in Cameroon and their population of endangered Mandrill Apes.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Feem v4 – Share Files Offline

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