Apple has taken McDonald’s to court over “abusing trademark”

By | 01/04/2018

McBurgerEveryone copies everyone, so that’s reason why we have Patents Act. Just imagine, that you have invented something and big companies steal it from you and make billions, without any compensations for you. But on other side, there are “patent trolls”, which patent something and then they want a big amount of money from companies or even indie developers if we are talking about, but not limited to, IT sector. And sometimes there are issues even with name of products, like Microsoft was sued for its “SkyDrive” trademark by British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) and was forced to rename its service to “OneDrive”. And now, similar issue is with Apple and McDonald’s because of their McBurgers.

As in case of Microsoft, Apple is complaining about “McBurger” trademark pronounced as “mekburgers”, which addresses to Apple’s Mac computers. Apple’s spokeperson at court said, that “Apple believes in future of next generation of amazing people. We take environment as our top point of interest, so our products are environment-friendly and we are only using renewable natural resources. We want to make Earth a better place for life without any junk, so we don’t want to match our trademark with junk and unhealthy food suppliers like McDonald’s”.

Apple wants out of court settlement, in which Apple offers to McDonald’s to pay 7 cents from each sold McBurger. Company’s spokeperson said, that these finances will be used to feed hungry kids in Africa.

McDonald’s company answered, that they won’t pay anything. Company’s spokeperson says “It’s really strange, Apple first says that they want world without junk, but cash from selling junk is welcome”.

Our server will inform you about any progress of this issue. Court is set at 1st April called “April Fools’ Day”, so it will be really fun to watch it 🙂

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