New mode for Ubuntu – install Ubuntu without built-in software

By | 22/02/2018

UbuntuWith today’s computers, tablets and smartphones, many apps are pre-installed. When you buy a new laptop, you often get a lot of apps, often in trial version, which only take place, slow performance and make mess. This is called bloatware. But even without bloatware, a clean operating system includes many built-in apps, like music player, video player, office suite, web browser, etc. And now, if you are fan of Linux operating systems, Ubuntu will offer new mode with only most important parts of operating system.

Upcoming Autumn Ubuntu 18.04 will offer new mode called “Minimal”. It will include desktop UI, Internet browser and basic File Manager, but most of other software, like Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail, music player Rhytmbox for playing music or tools like Transmission for torrents and Shotwell for managing photos, won’t be included. And as bonus, you will be able to choose from alternatives for built-in software, or to install just part of them.

Ubuntu after regular installation takes about 4 GB of disk space, with minimal mode you will save about 500 MB.

This is something unique. I would welcome something this in macOS or Windows. Just core system and all needed layers with chosen built-in apps. It’s not just about mainstream apps like office suite or e-mail client. Every operating system got a lot of miniapps, like useless “paper” sheets on screen or very basic task manager, which will be replaced with more robust solution from 3rd-party developers.

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