What to expect in iOS 12?

By | 15/02/2018

iPhone XiOS 11 was huge leap for iPad, but iOS 11 itself was very buggy. With macOS High Sierra, these operating systems became the most buggied systems in last years of Apple’s history. After upgrade to iOS 11.2.1, many users of iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus experienced problems with autofocus on iPhones’ cameras. Another bug was on iOS 11.1.2, when iPhone’s X display may became unresponsive when used in cold environment. If we count serious security issues in macOS High Sierra and uncompleted features like iMessages in iCloud and Apple Pay Cash, Apple really should focus on quality, not quantity.

By newest rumors from Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, Apple changed its model of software developing. Under leadership of showman with iconic hairstyle, Craig Federighi, developing of macOS and iOS is switched to 2-years cycle. Apple since now won’t release many new features every each year. New major version of macOS and iOS will be still released every year, but some features will be delayed for next year and developers from Apple want to focus on quality of software and bug fixes.

What should we expect in iOS 12?

Interesting question. Probably the most revolutionary will be universal apps, like Microsoft tried it with its Windows 10 and its mobile counterpart Windows 10 Mobile. It may be a way to easily port iOS apps to Mac platform and it’s also possible, that macOS and iOS apps will have same base code with GUI depending on used platform. Macs are powered by Intel’s CPU, iPads and iPhones are powered by custom-designed Apple’s CPUs (and GPUs) based on ARM architecture, so someones way ask: will Apple move their Macs into ARM platform? ARM SoCs developed by Apple engineers are still faster and faster, they can fight with laptops’ dual-core i5 CPUs from Intel and still with passive cooling and low energy impact. Just imagine if Apple already had developed desktop-class high-performance CPUs (and maybe GPUs?) for new ARM-based Macs.

Animoji introduced with iPhone X could appear in FaceTime calls. This feature may look like something for little kids, but it’s funny and everybody loves some fun.

Another features to come may be better Siri integration into search, improved Do Not Disturb mode, multiplayer games with AR and new interface for importing photos on iPad.

Significant changes are planned to iOS 13, so redesign of iPad’s Home Screen with its current 5×4 grid (in landscape mode) or new CarPlay interface are planned for next year. iPad may also support tabs and two windows of same app in Split View mode.

New macOS and iOS will be revealed at WWDC 2018 and I’m really looking forward for better tomorrows of Apple’s software. And maybe hardware too, IT pros would be glad for modular Mac Pro.

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