Why should get iPad Pro more RAM?

By | 12/02/2018

RAM moduleiPad Pro from Apple is often compared to Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Microsoft often points to its hardware – like ARM SoC instead of Intel Core i7, only 4 GB RAM compared to 16 GB RAM and higher storage options (512 GB with iPad Pro vs. 1 TB with Surface Pro). Also, Surface Pro runs full Windows 10 operating system, while iPad Pro is using mobile iOS 11. Many iPad Pro users think that 4 GB RAM is enough for Apple’s tablet. It runs, as I mentioned, mobile iOS and thanks to great optimization, all runs smoothly, even on iPads Pro from 2017, which got 120 Hz ProMotion display. So why we should need 8 GB or even 16 GB RAM on Apple’s tablet?

If you are a common user, who uses iPad as tablet for watching videos, browsing web and social networks, you really don’t need more than 4 GB RAM, even 2 GB RAM is enough for these tasks. Your iPad’s performance won’t suffer, all will run smoothly without any lags. And “thanks” to limitations of iOS and lack of professional apps as we know from desktop PC world, I ask again: why should iPad Pro get 8 GB (or more) RAM?

Maybe you know it: you open webpage on your iPad, then you switch to Messenger mobile app to reply to message from Facebook chat, then you play some games and watch videos on YouTube mobile app and then you return back to webpage you opened at the beginning. And what happens? Webpage is reloaded. Then you switch to game you recently played and… game is reloaded. Why is this happening?

It happens because RAM is used (but not only) as cache, for example, to faster reload recently closed apps and viewed webpages in your Internet browser. Try to restart your iPad and then run a game. Then force close that game and run it again. Game will be loaded faster, because it’s cached in RAM. But RAM memory is limited (in this cause 4 GB) and when you left game in background and then you do other tasks or watch videos on YouTube, RAM memory gets full and needs to purge some memory to run your current app without lags or freezing. One of the first things to purge is cache from RAM, so your apps opened in background won’t benefit from cache – free RAM memory is just too low – and after switching to another app, it’s high chance that it will be reloaded.

Another case are high demanding games like GRID™ Autosport and graphic apps capable of editing hi-res RAW – yea, I mean Affinity Photo for iPad. And as rumored, Serif, developer of Affinity Photo for iPad, is working on Affinity Designer for iPad, which should get most features from its desktop counterpart, like in case of Affinity Photo. With more truly professional apps on iPad platform, we will really need more RAM, like 8 GB or even 16 GB.

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