HTTP pages will be marked as unsecure in Google Chrome

By | 09/02/2018

Google Chrome IconMany webpages still use HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol – instead of its secured counterpart HTTPS. That extra “S” means that connection is encrypted by protocol TLS/SSL, so nobody can get data like data in formulars or even passwords. This is critical for services like Internet Banking or any e-shop. Never send passwords or any sensitive data via websites without encryption. When a website uses HTTPS encryption, a lock icon is shown in address bar or something similar, it varries by browser version and operating system. Our server is using SSL certificate, just look at address bar in your Internet browser. Google is known to prefer HTTPS webpages in its search engine and now, HTTP pages visited by Google Chrome will be marked as unsecure.

As Google announced, it will be applied since Chrome 68. Google already made some steps in this area in late 2016. Websites without certificate visited by Chrome showed information icon with additional info after clicking on it. Later, in January 2017, since Chrome 56, Google was marking pages without certificate which were requesting datas like passwords or credit card numbers as “not secure” directly in address bar. In upcoming Google Chrome 68, all websites without certificate will be automatically marked as unsecure.

Google also doesn’t allow to use its search engine without HTTPS protocol and HTTP pages will get worse position in Google’s search engine. So if you own webpage without certificate, you should consider to get one.

HTTPS is already here since 1994 and I hope that actions from Google will make Internet a more secure place for all of us.

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