Why to get superfast wi-fi router for slow Internet connection?

RouterA lot of households with Internet connection are using wi-fi routers. No cables, all wirelessly. Wireless connection is really good choice for laptops, smartphones and tablets, just imagine ethernet cable for your Samsung smartphone. Routers with dual-band networking with ac standard are cheaper and cheaper, you can (theoretically) reach 1300 Mbps, but how will it benefit your Internet connection? If I have 47 Mbps Internet connection speed, why to get that super-fast router? Is it worth it?

Answer is simple: yes, it is worth it.

If there are some devices on your wi-fi network connected to the Internet, they all are sharing connection speed. But is very important to say, that speed of wi-fi router is not all about Internet connection. Sure, if you get 47 Mbps router for your 500 Mbps super-fast connection, you will never reach speed over 47 Mbps in wireless networking, it’s impossible because of hardware limit. But did you know, that 1300 Mbps router is worth even if you have very slow 2 Mbps connection? How is it possible?

When all devices on your LAN are connected to one router, they are sharing it – how obvious. Just imagine, that one member of network is copying data on NAS, another one is wirelessly copying datas between computers and your son is streaming 4K movie from NAS to his TV. All of these tasks are using network capability and affect speed of your network (and Internet connection), even when there is no one actually browsing Internet. So if you are creating wireless LAN with Internet connection with more than one device connected, consider to get fast router.

Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) gave us a very slow router – 47 Mbps for 250 Mbps Internet connection – so I was unable to watch 4K stream from Internet, because our LAN was busy and had no performance to handle 4K stream, even with 250 Mbps Internet connection – because of that slow router. And if I copied data from laptop to NAS, Internet was unusable. So be careful.

Of course, wireless connection is not the only way to connect to Internet – you can still use ethernet cable to connect your computer to router. Average router (including those with 47 Mbps wireless speed) should be able to reach 1 Gbps (or at least 100 Mbps) speed via cable. Just don’t forget, that when you connect 2 or more devices via cable, speed is shared too, like in wireless connection.

It needs to be say that wireless connection is degrading if you are too far from router, signal is weaker and weaker, which affects network performance on your device. Please note that 1300 Mbps router with 50% signal strength is still much faster than 47 Mbps router with 50% signal strength. So be careful, when choosing router.

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