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By | 14/01/2018

Internet ScreenMore and more households are getting a wireless router to create Local Area Network (LAN) with Internet connectivity. Router is something like door between your home network and worldwide Internet. Internet connection is, of course, not required to create LAN, you can create home network to link computers together without any access to Internet. Sometimes something goes wrong and Internet is unreachable. Problem may be at Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) infrastructure, but sometimes, problem is in your LAN.

What it means?

When Internet connection is not working, problem may be, for example, with wi-fi router’s configuration or weak signal. This is common situation. Sometimes, turning off and then turning on your router may help. Even with current penetration of Internet, most users don’t know if problem is on their side (mostly LAN and router) or it’s ISP’s fault. If it’s just little connection issue from your ISP, Internet connection should be resumed soon in few minutes or (sometimes) few hours, if your ISP is doing some maintenance works.

So if it’s ISP’s fault, don’t change any configuration of computer, router or another connected devices, if not explicitly asked by your ISP support.

It may be very annoying, when non-tech-savvy Mac users in your family still ask you to look at network configuration, because Internet connection is very unstable or even it’s not working. Wouldn’t be great, if they could see if problem is with LAN or ISP with one look at Mac’s top menu? Then try utility called “Online – Internet connection notification”.

This utility will install indicator of Internet connection status, like shown on this screenshot:

1Blocker Screenshot

When the icon is green, Internet connectivity for Mac is working correctly. When it’s red, Internet connection is not working. Very simple. When LAN features like streaming on LAN, copying files on LAN, using network printers, etc. are working, but Internet is unreachable, your family members will know, that it’s just temporary and they won’t disturb you at your work. Great.

App supports logging events and system notifications, so you can look if there were some Internet drops while you were sleeping.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Online – Internet connection notification

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