Apple updated macOS, iOS and tvOS

By | 20/07/2017

Apple UpdatesApple released probably the last update for macOS Sierra, iOS 10 and tvOS 10. In macOS Sierra and tvOS, developers were focusing on security, stability and compatibility. In case of iOS, a big issue with Broadcom Wi-Fi chip was fixed, which could allow to hackers to execute a malicious code on this Wi-Fi chip, which is included in many iOS devices. This issue was addressed since iOS 10.3.1.

macOS can be updated directly via Mac App Store. iOS update is available via Settings app under Preferences app -> General -> Software Update or via iTunes app running on your Mac or PC. In case of tvOS, go to System -> Software Update.

Before updating any of these operating systems, backup your important data to external drive or cloud (or both).

New version number(s):

  • macOS – 10.12.6
  • iOS – 10.3.3
  • tvOS – 10.2.2
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