TodayRemote – handy iOS widget for Mac iTunes

TodayRemoteAre you finding simple widget for iPhone or iPad, which shows you which song is played in your iTunes app on Mac with some basic controls – pause/resume, skipping song in playlist or to control volume? If yes, you will love TodayRemote app. Great news is that it supports some other players – Beamer, Vox, VLC – and apps for streaming services – Spotify and Deezer. And while playing video in Safari or Chrome via Web Player, your possibilities are much more improved – it works with services like YouTube and SoundCloud.

This widget requires small helper app, which can be downloaded HERE. After installing helper app, go to your iPhone/iPad in the same wi-fi network as your Mac and pair your devices:

TodayRemote iPad

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Now play some music in mentioned supported players and look at widget:

TodayRemote Widget

As you see, it’s just tiny handy widget. I personally use it while I’m in bed and I’m listening music from external speakers connected to my iMac. And if you are listening an YouTube playlist, you can skip song you dislike. Or pause your music when you go away for a while.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

TodayRemote – Widget media remote for Mac

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