macOS is due to drop support for 32-bit apps in the future

STOPIn 2006, Apple moved to Intel, because PowerPC CPUs were lacking performance. App developers had to update their apps to work with new Intel chips, but it did not mean to automatically drop PowerPC apps support, thanks to layer Rosetta, which was dropped in Mac OS X Lion. And now, Apple is making a big leap by dropping 32-bit apps. Apple is known to drop old technology support relatively fast, like floppy disks in iMac in May 1998 and some years later DVD. Last Apple’s laptop with DVD drive was a non-retina MacBook Pro from 2012. There is no official support from Apple for Blue-ray disks on Macs. But if you need to work with DVD disks on Mac, you can still purchase an externel DVD drive.

In case of iOS, 32-bit app support will be dropped in iOS 11. Support for iPads with 32-bit SoCs (A6X and earlier) will be dropped too.

In case of macOS, an upcoming update called macOS High Sierra will be the last macOS with full support for 32-bit apps. Since January 2018, new apps published to Mac App Store have to be 64-bit. Developers of apps, which are already in Mac App Store, have to update their apps prior to June 2018.

No more 32-bit apps

macOS High Sierra will alert users while using 32-bit app with note that this app needs to be updated to work with future releases of macOS.

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