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By | 08/06/2017

Affinity PhotoIf someone asks “Graphics?”, answer is “Photoshop”. Products from Adobe are essential for graphics creators and designers. You can create photo of yourself landing on Moon or retouch your photos. Software from Adobe is often pirated for even very basic edits, because a lot of people just think that they are kings when using Photoshop while refusing free great tools like Gimp, which would be more than enough for them. Adobe is industry standard and leader, but Serif, creator of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer, makes great software for both Macs and Windows PC with full compatibility with Photoshop. And now, almost full-featured Affinity Photo is already in App Store!

Demo of Affinity Photo for iPad was first revealed on WWDC 2016. We informed you about its development HERE. Recently, on WWDC 2017, Affinity Photo for iPad was introduced and pushed into App Store. It’s not cut down version of its desktop counterpart, like in case of Pixelmator or Adobe Products for iOS. It’s full-featured desktop-class app with almost all features of its desktop counterpart.

After first launch, I went into Preferences. I set to import PSD text as text and not as pixel layers. Many worldwide languages are supported, like English, Russian, German and Spanish. As professional app, Affinity Photo for iPad supports working with colour profiles:

Affinity Photo Colour Profiles

Click here for full-sized screenshot

I used one sample picture and I was exploring this touch version of Affinity Photo. It’s really the most complex graphics editor for mobile platforms. I was feeling like I was at desktop:

Affinity Photo Sample

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Apps from Affinity family are great alternative to Photoshop. Since Adobe moved to subscription model, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are much more cheaper – just pay little over 50 euro for Photo and Designer, and you will have professional graphics studio without paying thousands of dollars or to subscribe. And Affinity Photo for iPad is even more cheaper. You will get all future updates, no subscriptions or in-app purchases.

I’m personally missing only one feature – Handoff. If you make graphics on iPad and want to continue on Mac, you have to export project and send it to Mac. If you are working on Affinity Photo for iPad, but on desktop you have Photoshop, just export project as PSD file and continue on desktop computer. PSD compatibility is 100%, so Affinity Photo for iPad is great for Photoshop users too. Another good news is that Affinity Photo for iPad supports custom fonts.

Affinity Photo for iPad supports iPad Pro, iPad (2018), iPad (2017) and iPad Air 2.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Affinity Photo

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