Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge fast review

By | 28/05/2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 EdgeThis day was big day for me. I have replaced my Galaxy Note 4 with new model – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I’m loyal Samsung customer, although I was thinking about smartphones from other manufacturers, like iPhone 7, but it hadn’t persuaded me, so I have chosen again smartphone with Android from Samsung. I was looking for Galaxy S8 model too, but it was too expensive for my needs, so I have chosen S7 as compromise between price and performance.

One of a top reasons to get new Galaxy S7 over my old Note 4 was a great 12-MPx camera with optical stabilisation and f/1.7 aperture, more compact size, better 5,5-inch QHD display, more RAM (4 GB), and big 3600 mAh battery, so I can use it whole day without worrying about battery.

In the box, you will find smartphone, charger, microfibre cleaner, headphones, clip for SIM card a reduction to USB port.

Water and dust resistance were missing in older Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge, so I’m glad that Samsung included it to its flagship. I have 32 GB version, which is expandable by memory card, so I have totally 64 GB of space, which is more than enough for my needs.

Display is simple great, it’s readable even on direct sun. I was little affraid of edge version, because I was not sure if curved displays are designed for me, especially while typing and watching videos, but my friend got Galaxy S6 Edge+, so I have tested it by myself and I was satisfied. And as bonus, it looks very luxurious and people around you are interested in your smartphone you got. With classic version of Galaxy S7, it looks like smartphone from middle-class like Galaxy A3/A5.

What I really like is that there are not so many pre-installed apps from Samsung, like it was in Note 4. Also, Galaxy S7 has Always On Display feature, something like Glance Screen from Microsoft’s Lumias, so you always know date, time and battery %, but it significantly drains battery, so I recommend to use side display, like in Galaxy S6 Edge.

As Samsung’s flagship, it got automatically Android 7.0 Nougat. User interface is really great, but colours are too pale with white as dominant colour.

Camera is great. A camera for mobile professionals. Galaxy S6 already got perfect camera and with Galaxy S7, it was pushed out to the next level of photography. Photos and videos are like from professional compact camera, so I recommend Galaxy S7 for all lovers of mobile photography.

And performance? Galaxy S7 is powered by Exynos 7420 SoC with 4 GB RAM, so you got a performance monster. Only few smartphones/tablets can beat it.

Speakers are weak part of this great smartphone. For serious listening of music, you have to get headphones.

Thanks to 3600 mAh battery, my smartphone is ready to use for whole day. I tested it with turned on cellular datas, GPS, Bluetooth and I got some photos and Full HD videos. At 18:00, I had 18% of remaining battery life. For common days, it should power your smartphone for two days.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blue Coral


  • Solid construction from metal and glass
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Big battery
  • Great camera
  • Improved fingerprints reader


  • Speakers are not so good
  • Infrared sensor was removed
  • High price
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