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LinkySocial networks are great to share informations, thoughts and opinios. In past, we lived in media monopol ruled by editorships and televisions. They were dictating us, what we should see and what should we think. But Internet appears and we can gain infos from almost any source, even from those which are censored or banned by government thanks to VPN services. Citizen from USA can share his opinions with his friend from China or read opposition of “political correctness” media. Even very simple man can engage 1000s of people, which was impossible before Internet era.

We are sharing many messages, statuses and files via social networks via our mobile devices – iPhones and iPads. I didn’t mention Android devices, because I will say about Linky, a powerful sharing tool for iOS, which is obviously only for iOS, but many alternatives are available in Play Store from Google.

Linky is very useful for people with many Twitter and Facebook accounts or even fan pages on Facebook. This app can integrate all of them and sharing your stuff is much more easier. iOS has built-in support for Facebook and Twitter, so you can share your stuff via Facebook’s/Twitter’s buttons in “Open with…” or “Share” menu, but Linky is better solution for power users. You can have all your social networks in one place.

Your Twitter and Facebook accounts, including your fan pages on Facebook, which you included to Linky, are fully under your control and you can add or remove any account/fan page from Linky.

After setting up Linky, you no longer need to launch Linky app, because you can use it from share sheet, as Facebook and Twitter do.

Now, try to share something, for example webpage, it looks something like this:

Linky Safari

In this case, I was sharing web “” to my Facebook and Twitter account and my fan page on Facebook. Just tap on panel with social networks and you can choose which networks will be used to share your stuff, you can set any combination.

You can add photos from Photos app. iCloud Drive is supported too, it’s just on strange place:

Linky Choosing Files

If you use “Locations” button in iCloud Drive window, you will see apps with Document Provider feature, so you can share almost any file. You just need application from App Store with Document Provider capability, like Dropbox or Documents by Readdle. If list of apps is empty, try to tap “More”, maybe you just have forgot to enable some. If no app in “More” is present, you have no apps with Document Provider feature, so you have to copy files to iCloud Drive and then share it with Linky.

Long links can be shortened by services Bitly, CloudApp, Droplr, Google Shortener and YOURLS. As bonus, Linky can detect data in your clipboard.

In Linky’s settings, you can edit template for your shares, for example, if you want to share only link or link with website name, etc. And Twitter’s character limit? No worry, Linky will care about it for you.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Linky for Twitter and Facebook

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