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Readdle LogoConverting files to PDF is easy on macOS thanks to virtual PDF printer. But as for iOS, there is no native way to convert files to PDF, so you will need to get app from App Store. Store offers really many apps for this task, so choose carefully. I was finding app with ability to import files from Document Provider-enabled apps, Touch ID and iOS 8 extension widget to convert files from almost any app. I was finding it for a lot of time and finally I have chosen PDF Converter from Readdle.

Using app is easy – just launch it and you are ready. There are many ways to import and convert files. Propably the most interesting is iCloud Drive, even if you have no files in iCloud Drive, because of “Locations” button:

PDF Converter Document Picker

It’s simple way how to import files from Document Provider-enabled apps without need to open that apps.

Another ways to import files are photos and images from iOS Photos app (including Camera Roll), content of clipboard and contacts from Address Book.

A fast tutorial with pictures is included to learn how to convert e-mails, webpages and files stored in Dropbox.

Since iOS 8 you can add your extension into “Open with…” menu and PDF Converter provides it:


If you can’t see extension, move to “More” at the end of share sheet and enable it.

Converted file will be moved to PDF Converter app and then you can move it to other apps or send by e-mail.

I’m not sure why Readdle did not integrate PDF Converter into PDF Expert, but on the other side, if someone only wants app to convert PDF without many features that PDF Expert includes, or if someone is using another PDF editing software, it may be good step.

One hint: if you already got PDF Expert, go to Readdle’s bundle on App Store which includes both PDF Expert and PDF Converter and tap on “Complete My Bundle”. You can save some money by this way.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

PDF Converter – Convert Documents, Photos to PDF

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