How to save a file as PDF on Mac?

PDFPDF support in macOS is fully native. With Preview app, you can not only view images, but browse PDF files too. And it works great with Quick Look feature in macOS Finder. Some apps allow directly to export file as PDF document, including built-in Preview app. On the other side, some apps may offer to export file to some document formats, but PDF format is not always present. But did you know, that you can export PDF file from all apps that support printing from printer? This feature is called “PDF Printer” and any file you can print, you can export it to PDF too.

With this way, you can convert many file types to PDF, including e-mails from e-mail client and other sources. All you need is an app, which can print documents. I will show you it at e-mail client Spark. Just select your e-mail and visit system’s top menu:

Spark Print

Now click on “PDF” button in botom left corner and click on it. A menu appears:

Spark Save as PDF

Now just click on “Save as PDF” and you are done. You don’t have to own physical printer, it works even without it.

For most apps with ability to print, just visit system’s top menu, click on “File” and select “Print”. Thanks to macOS’s consistency, you should find it in the same place across most apps. Some apps got dedicated print button and, in most cases, you can “print” file to PDF format here too. Just try it.

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