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1BlockerI have mentioned 1Blocker HERE and HERE, but now I decided to make full review. Internet ads are very annoying, especially flashing banners and pop-ups. Also, Internet is full of trackers, which monitor your behavior on Internet network, like Facebook’s buttons found on many websites. On the other side, tons of ads affect your browser performance and drain your free MBs from limited data plan on mobile devices like smartphones. It also affects your battery life, which is already low even without ads – we all know that one-day battery life of modern smartphones. Here are many other reasons to block ads and trackers, and 1Blocker does it well.

Installing ad-blocking plugin is easy on desktop Safari, but it may be pain on its mobile counterpart, because there is no way to modify mobile Safari without jailbreak. The only way to block ads was to download browser app with “integrated” Safari and ad-blocker feature, but it relies on developers’ side which features will be added and the same applies for database updates.

But since iOS 9 was released, we can use Content Blockers for Safari. Setup is easy – just download content blocker, like 1Blocker, from App Store and activate it at System settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers:

Content Blockers Enable Screenshot

Click here for full-sized screenshot

As you see, I use two Content Blockers. 1Blocker is that one, which I’m interested in.

1Blocker is really good ad-blocking software for professionals and advanced users. You can block ads, trackers, European Union Cookies Law banners, social networks’ buttons, like “like” buttons from Facebook, adult websites etc. Great feature is to set blocking categories which Safari should block or even enable/disable any rule from over 40 000 rules in database. In Mac version, you can create your own rules:

1Blocker for Mac

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Custom rules are synchronized via iCloud to all your devices. It’s still possible to export them into file, which may be re-imported if something goes wrong. iCloud sync applies to all your changes too, including whitelist and list of blocked elements (see below).

1Blocker for iOS looks very similar to its Mac counterpart:

1Blocker for iPad

Click here for full-sized screenshot

1Blocker has something, what I have never seen in other blockers – Hide Page Element feature. It can remove, but not limited to, ads which passed through filter. On Mac, just right-click on element and choose “Hide an element with 1Blocker” or with icon in Safari’s toolbar. If no 1Blocker button is present, right-click on toolbar, select “Customize Toolbar” and move 1Blocker icon into toolbar. After selection of element, just use “Create Rule”. On iOS, you have to use sharing menu and choose “1Blocker”. If it’s not present, you can enable it with “More” button at the end of menu:

1Blocker for iOS

After tapping 1Blocker’s icon in share menu, just tap on “Hide Page Element” in app’s pop-up window. Your current website will open in window without Content Blockers and then tap on unwanted element and confirm change by tapping “Save”. 1Blocker will ask if you want to block another element or to go back into Safari.

I just encountered strange bug – on Mac, blocking chosen element was unreliable, but if I have chosen the same element on iPad version of app, it synced with my Mac version and in this case it was running well.

This ad-blocking app is paid, so question is: why should I pay for 1Blocker? Here are many reliable free ad-blocker extensions for free. Here are reasons why you should pay for it:

First: AdBlock and some other ad-blockers allow your ads to past, if you pay for it. 1Blocker is supported by users and there are not any “acceptable ads”.

Second: 1Blocker is very customizable with iCloud sync to all your devices, including whitelists, blocked elements and custom rules, which can be exported for backup.

Third: Content Blockers for Mac and iOS, as 1Blocker, are much more energy efficient with better performance than classic JavaScript-based ad-blockers. Rules are written in JSON file and app runs sandboxed to improve your privacy and security.

Fourth: most ad-blockers block downloaded content, but 1Blocker uses advanced “WebKit blocking technology”, so blocked content is not downloaded to your device. It spares battery, performance and your data plan, if FUP is applied. And, of course, webpage is loaded much faster.

Just one note: Content Blockers only work on 64-bit devices. As for Mac, you will need Mac with OS X El Capitan or higher. If you own iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you need iOS 9 and SoC A7 or higher. A7 SoC can be found in iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini 2. If your device is newer as these mentioned ones, you device can run Content Blockers.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Block ads, trackers & more with 1Blocker

Block ads, trackers & more with 1Blocker

Update 1st – 28. June 2018: 1Blocker for iOS is now legacy software, get new version from App Store:

1Blocker X

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