Hint: how to unlock iPhone without pressing Home Button

Touch IDWith iOS 10, unlocking your iPhone a iPad was changed. There is no more iconic “Slide to Unlock” and when using Touch ID, you have to do one extra step – manually press the Home Button. This may be annoying, but it can be changed. This setting is relatively hidden, in section “Accessibility”, but it is available and now we will show you how to change Home Button’s behavior.

Go to Settings app, choose “Accessibility” and find “Home Button”. Now, just enable “Rest Finger to Open”, as shown here:

Home Button - Rest Finger to Open

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Now you can unlock your iPhone without manually pressing Home Button. It works on Touch ID-enabled iPads too.

“Accessibility” includes many options, even for users without problems with eyes or other handicap. Interesting is “Reduce Motion” – it reduces transparency and animations:

Reduce Motion

Click here for full-sized screenshot

I have disabled “Shake to Undo” too, because it caused me problems while writing on iPad’s software keyboard.

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