How to download files from Internet to your iPhone and iPad

By | 13/05/2017

EDM IconI have found many question on Internet about downloading files on iOS, so I decided to explain it. Some iOS-known files can be downloaded via Safari, but problem may be where to store your downloaded file, so you will need an app which can store any file format, like Documents by Readdle, iFiles 2 or GoodReader. Another problem is lack of any infos about file you are downloading – no progress bar, no download speed, no ability to download more files from more sources at the same time. Totally unusable, especially while downloading big files. Another issue may be downloading files with CAPTCHA protection and files from some file servers. My solution is Easy Download Manager – EDM.

I was finding hard to find the best download manager. I was a long-time user of another download manager, but it got outdated and without newest iOS technologies like Rich Notifications, and the most important – iPad Pro native support and iPads’ multitasking feature. So I was finding a new one. I have chosen mentioned EDM.

Design is clean and very intuitive, just look:


Click here for full-sized screenshot

EDM got its own client app, but extension for Safari is present too. Interesting is, that there is no Internet browser in EDM, so it’s not rated 17+. You will need to gain links from Safari and manually add it into EDM via “+” button in top left corner. Downloading files is awesome, you can download many files at one time with progress bar and download speed for all of them. Downloading continues in background, even if you lock your iOS device. When file is downloaded, EDM will display notification, which can be upgraded to Rich Notification in EDM’s settings. Just look in Notification Center in main iOS Settings app and configure notifications settings.

Just one note, while you are downloading with Safari extension – EDM app must be running in background while downloading files via Safari Extension. After download starts, Safari can be closed, because file(s) are sent and downloaded in EDM app.

Safari extension will find all available files to download, just look:

EDM Safari

Tab “Current” shows data about currently viewed webpage/file, tab “Know” includes known files to download, like PDFs, and tab “All” includes all downloadable files from current session.

Problem in iOS is downloading files from data servers, especially with CAPTCHA-enabled protection. Not all files can be downloaded with EDM’s Safari extension. Solution is simple – launch Safari and start downloading in it. Yea, no file may be downloading, but that’s fine. Just copy link in Safari’s Address Bar and paste it into EDM via “+” button.

Files stored in EDM’s sandbox can be protected with password and optionally with Touch ID / Face ID on supported iOS devices.

EDM got many settings, like browsing ZIP files as folders, ability to show iCloud Drive folder, sort your files by kind, name, etc. with option to set folders to be shown as first, you can display file name extensions (.ZIP, .AVI, .PDF…) and thumbnails. As bonus, you can change app’s theme and ability to compress files into ZIP or 7Z archive with adjustable level of compression.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

EDM – Browse and Receive Files

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