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By | 11/05/2017

PDF ExpertPDF Expert is a desktop-class PDF editor for your iOS device, especially for big iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I use PDF Expert for very long time and I’m very satisfied. Readdle regularly updates its products to include latest technologies from newest iOS versions. And recently, PDF Expert got a big update. Now its version number was rised up to 6 and with this great update it makes PDF Expert a must-have app for every PDF power user.

After first launch, you will see two sections: “Annotable” and “Edit”. Annotable tab is the same as in older PDF Experts’ versions, but Edit tab is a brand new function. Let’s look at screenshot:

PDF Expert 6 Screenshot

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Main edit features, as Readdle says, are:

  • edit and modify text
  • add and replace images
  • add links to text and pictures
  • hide sensitive information using Redact feature

Next useful features are better design, ability to set password for any PDF file, global text search and outlines – you can now edit or create your own outlines, great for huge PDF documents.

In the bottom right corner, a new + button appeared. Now you can import documents from clouds (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and Yandex.Disk), (S)FTP servers, WebDAV, Office 365 and SMB protocol for computers in your LAN. If you choose iCloud Drive, you can import files from apps with support for Document Provider. This feature will import file to PDF Expert 6, so original file is untouched.

If you use to import file from a source included in “In the Cloud” in left panel, PDF Expert 6 will work as Document Picker, so file is edited in its original place without need to copy it into PDF Expert 6 app storage. I just found one bug: if you edit a PDF file via SMB protocol, which is saved in “Downloads” folder found in macOS’s Dock, edited file won’t appear in “Downloads” folder in Dock, but if you manually open that folder, edited file is present.

Another great update is for hyperlinks, as we know from MS Word or Apple Pages from iWork suite. You can now link to file on Internet or document page in the same PDF document.

PDF Expert 6 keeps all useful features from previous PDF Experts’ versions, so you can use it as Document Provider and Readdle Transfer works too.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

PDF Expert by Readdle

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