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By | 03/04/2017

iMac Retina 5KI use computers since 1999 (or 2000?). I was excited, when I found something in parents’ bedroom – yea, it was our first computer! I was a little boy and I was really looking forward to turn it on. It was our family computer and the only computer for years. Now in our family everyone got his own computer. Currently I have iMac on my own, but let’s start from beginning.

I was an elementary school student when we got our first computer. It was running Windows 95. I was excited by autocorrection in Word and card game Solitaire. This computer was poorly equiped – no repros, no printer, no CD drive, only monitor, mouse and keyboard. Computer hardware was Pentium I 75 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 1 MB graphics card and 512 MB HDD. It takes relatively a lot of time before we got repros and CD drive. Later I got some software thanks to my friends from czech magazine “Počítač pro každého”, which was delivered with CD with free software. I tested many software and our computer was bloating and slowing. I remember funny situation: I installed Excel Viewer to view XLS files and when I wanted to see PowerPoint document, I uninstalled Excel Viewer and installed PowerPoint Viewer. Reason? Small disk. I had to spare every MB, because our disk had lower storage capacity as classic CD medium. At school, we were exchanging some data on floppy disks. No Internet, no social networks, no e-mail, no CD burner. Welcome in early 2000s.

In 2004, we purchased much more powerful PC. It had 2,4 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 256 MB RAM, 32 MB graphics card and 40 GB HDD and for now, repros, CD burner and later printer were included. It was placed in my child room, but later in 2006 we moved it into living room because we got Internet connection. It was 2 Mbps DL / 2 Mbps UL Internet connection, much faster than classic DSL Internet connection available here in Slovakia and also without FUP. Latency was very low so I could play Warcraft 3 on Battle.net. I had to restart PC after each match, because of performance issues.

Few years later, we purchased new computer. It had 2,7 GHz dual-core AMD Athlon 64, 512 MB RAM, ATI RADEON HD 3650 graphics card with 512 MB VRAM. I can’t remember about HDD storage capacity. With faster Internet connection and my rising computer skills, I started to use Linux in dualboot alongside Windows. I tried many Linux distributions, like Mandriva, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, etc. In these times started my interest in Mac OS X. I was modifying design of both Linux and Windows to Apple-like design.

In 2008, I got my very first personal computer – a laptop from Apple. It was MacBook White Early 2008 equiped with 2,1 GHz Core 2 Duo (Penryn, T8100) processor, 1 GB RAM, Intel GMA X3100 graphics card with 144 MB VRAM, 120 GB HDD, 13.3-inch TN display with resolution 1280×800 and integrated Combo Drive. All specs are found HERE. Installed OS was Mac OS X Leopard. I used it for taking notes in school, browsing Internet, playing games and most important: getting skills from Mac world. Later I upgraded it to Mac OS X Snow Leopard and after RAM upgrade I tried Mac OS X Lion, which is the highest available Mac operating system for my MacBook White.

In 2010, our desktop PC was gone, and my parents purchased new without me. It was old, slow PC for 400 Euro + 150 Euro for monitor with TN panel and Full HD resolution. Processor was single core at 1,6 GHz with ATI RADEON X1600 GPU. I can’t remember more specs. I hated it.

In 2013, I decided to purchase new laptop. I have chosen MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013. It was equiped with 2,3 GHz Intel Core i7 (Haswell, 4850HQ), 16 GB RAM, Intel Iris Pro + nVidia GT 750M 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, 512 GB SSD, 15.4-inch Retina display with resolution 2880×1800. DVD drive was not present. Full specs are HERE. It was a really big leap from my MacBook White. I began to learn some high-demanding software like Final Cut Pro X.

Let’s return to computer from 2010. In 2015 it was upgraded to Mac mini, but still with that old monitor. It got 2,6 GHz processor (Haswell, 4278U), 8 GB RAM, Intel Iris 5100 graphics and 1 TB HDD. Full specs are HERE.

In 2016 I sold my MacBook Pro. I was interrested in portable computers, because I could browse Internet anywhere on wi-fi or watch movies in bed. But then iPad appears. And with big 12.9-inch iPad Pro, I could do the same as with laptop. So I asked myself: is it worth to own portable computer, when I got iPad? So I sold my MacBook Pro and purchased new desktop computer. An iMac Retina 5K. It got 4 GHz Intel Core i7 (Skylake, 6700K), 16 GB RAM, ATI RADEON R9 M395X graphics, 256 GB SSD, 27-inch Retina 5K display (5120×2880) with wider color gamut. Full specs are HERE. Now, after 8 years of laptops, I can’t imagine to use laptop as main computer. Or even to use laptop. I purchased external keyboard for my iPad Pro and my laptop is replaced.

So this is my computer history. From computers from parents to computers I have purchased by myself. And my next computer? I think it will be another iMac. I will see in few years.

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