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By | 27/03/2017

Facebook DislikeToday, I will post from my smartphone Galaxy Note 4. I wasn’t meant about that, but I have written major part of the text on my smartphone, and as I was surprised, it was fast and comfortable. This article will be about my critical thoughts about current world. World of smartphones, computers and other advanced technology. Technology should serve us, but how it works in real world?

It’s just few years ago, when we were enjoying cellphones like Nokia 3310 and we were addicted to legendary game called Snake. I personally think I belong to last pre-Facebook generation. Today’s kids are grown on social networks. When I was child, I have to ask my parents for one hour on PC. And today? Today’s young people spend a lot of time on smartphones, even while sitting with friends in pub. We are looking at screens and our social life degradates. It’s all about “likes”, “shares” and “friend requests”.

And now something I can’t stand out. Just imagine, someone buys flagship from Samsung – Galaxy S6 – for about 850 Euro and after ONE year he sells it for half price and purchases new flagship Galaxy S7. Reason? He just want to own latest model. No rational reason or something other.

Manufacturers are racing for supremacy and domination. Samsung’s flagships are premium-equiped devices with brand, so Samsung “abuses” it and sets high prices, like Apple does.

Smartphones are points of interest. We are using beautiful folies and cases, not only because of modern fashion, but today’s expensive smartphones are very fragile. We are looking on our smartphones even while in bus or car, we are finding signal, we are looking for “likes”, we are… and before we get into bed, we are recharging our smartphones, as we do every day. Who can live without his modern phone? We bring it everywhere, we want to be non-stop online. Aren’t these technologies our masters and we are the slaves? What about to talk your friends in person and not via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp…? Remember, virtual contact can’t replace our friendship, trips, laugh and other social activities.

Let’s value our lives. Live it.

Later, I plan to post about old PC games our generation was ground up with. Legendary games living in our hearts. See ya soon!

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