Affinity Photo for iPad? Coming soon!

By | 15/02/2017

Affinity PhotoSerif creates amazing software. It’s pro-class Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are beating products from Adobe. No monthly bill for apps and cloud services, just pay once and you get all. These awesome apps are very native in macOS environment, thanks to technologies like Grand Central Dispatch and Core Graphics. Since 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the iPad is powerful enough to run resource-intensive apps and thanks to Metal and well optimized iOS I’m really looking forward for future of iPads and iOS. But some people are saying that iPad Pro lacks professional apps, so it’s just toy in compare to computers with Adobe products. But Serif is preparing something amazing…

Yea, Affinity Photo is coming to iPad! Early builds are already here (still not public) and on Twitter Serif confirmed for us that it will come later this year and it should support Handoff feature – so you can draw something with Apple Pencil on your iPad Pro and then seamlessly continue on your Mac and vice versa.

This won’t be stripped-down version of Affinity Photo like Pixelmator or Adobe’s products for iOS, it will be full-featured desktop-class app! Amazing!

We also asked for price of iPad version, answer was that it’s not set yet. Price for Affinity Photo (and Designer too) is, here in Slovakia, set to 54,99 EUR for both Mac and Windows version – you have to pay for both platforms if you want to use Affinity Photo/Designer on both Mac and PC – and we expect similar price for it’s iPad counterpart.

If you want to be noticied when iPad version is available, just subscribe here:

Affinity Photo is coming to iPad

And little Affinity Photo sneak peek video:

Affinity Photo iPad sneak peek for WWDC 2016

If other companies follow Serif’s model, the future of productivity on iPad, especially Pro version, could be very interesting. I just hope that we will see Apple’s Final Cut Pro X optimized for touch interface running on next-generation iPad Pro with 1 TB storage and 16 GB RAM.

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