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By | 10/02/2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 4I love my Galaxy Note 4. Ability to customize my Android device is crucial for me. Thanks to Nova Launcher, I can customize my widgets and workflow in much better way than with Samsung’s default TouchWiz. Nova Launcher gives you more freedom, for example you can use 5×5 grid or to change widgets’ size and it improves notifications thanks to additional plugin Tesla Unreaded. So let’s look on widgets I’m using.

Are you interested in how looks my homescreen? Here is a screenshot:


At the top are widgets from app Weather & Clock Widget by Devexpert.NET (links are at the end of article), which is TOP app with over 50 000 000 downloads. It includes Calendar widget too. This widget can be upgraded by in-app purchase and in widget’s Calendar preferences you will get high-definition themes and 3D effects with meaning of names plugin. I personally only use clocks and weather from this widget.

As calendar widget I use great app Calendar Widget: Month by Candl Apps. It’s very clean, polite, bright and good looking widget, the best one I have ever tried. And thanks to Nova Launcher, this widget is very customizable, without TouchWiz limitations.

For music fans, widget by Shazam is must-have. I think this extremely known app does not need to be introduced.

On my second screen is place for built-in music widget from Samsung and Google Translate. My native language is slovak, so when I need to translate something into/from english, I use this translator. It’s offline dictionary, so I don’t need Internet connection. Let’s look how it looks:

Music Widget

But I have to say, that most of widgets you find for Android are useless, bad looking and boring. Here are no unification rules in Google Play Store, like we may find in Apple App Store. Samsung pre-installed some widgets and they are mostly unusable. Something like this is with some extra apps which were preinstalled by Samsung, but in this case, some apps may be for some users useful, like Evernote, Flipboard, Hangouts, Galaxy Apps, Kiosk Play and Peel Smart.

Managing of widgets has too dark, “dead” look, and you have to be careful because some widgets are too resource-intensive and may cause lagging or to drain battery too fast. One look is better than 1000 words, so just look at it:

Widget Picker

So that’s my widgets. If you are interested in these widget, you can download them here:

Weather & Clock Widget

Calendar Widget: Month

Google Translate

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