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By | 15/01/2017

Heroes of Might & Magic IIISome games are legendary. Most of today’s games are just based on graphic effects, marketing and extremely hardware requirements, without soul. You need nVidia GTX 1080 to play at 4K resolution because of “stunning graphic”, which is still not photorealistic as it should be, but hardware requirements are higher, so task is done. And of course, it does not mean that new AAA titles are more playable than older games. Just mention to legendary ones, like Starcraft 2, Diablo, Warcraft 3, Doom or my favourite – Heroes of Might & Magic III. Some games survived many years and they are still being played, todays popular game DotA 2 is based on DotA created as map for Warcraft 3 long time before DotA 2. So let’s be little nostalgic and look at Heroes of Might & Magic.

This game is turn-based. At the beginnig, you have to choose your castle and build it up. Multiplayer is well built and it is fun to play with friends. So let’s look on castles and its units:


Castle: it may be confusing that this castle is called Castle, so read careful and note difference between words “castle” and “Castle”. This is my favourite castle. With this one, you get these units:

  • Pikeman, upgradeable to Halberdier: basic unit for melee combat
  • Archer, upgradeable to Marksman: ranged unit, after upgrade it can hit two units at same time
  • Griffin, upgradeable to Royal Griffin: fast, flying unit
  • Swordsman, upgradeable to Crusader: powerful unit with high defense and 200% damage return to enemies
  • Monk, upgradeable to Zealot: another ranged unit, but needs a lot of HP to produce painful damage
  • Cavalier, upgradeable to Champion: very strong unit, needs stables to be trained
  • Angel, upgradeable to Archangel: probably the most dangerous unit in whole game. Thanks to great attack and defense, your opponent will have hard times, especially if you get Angel to level 10+


Next castle is called Rampart. Here are units:

  • Centaur, upgradeable to Centaur Captain: basic unit, needs some HPs to deal noticeable damage
  • Dwarf, upgradeable to Battle Dwarf: very high defense, but at the cost of movement speed
  • Wood Elf, upgradeable to Grand Elf: ranged unit, after upgrade it can hit two units at same time
  • Pegasus, upgradeable to Silver Pegasus: high damage, but low defense, take a care with this fragile unit
  • Dendroid Guard, upgradeable to Dendroid Soldier: ent, very high defense
  • Unicorn, upgradeable to War Unicorn: high damage, but low movement
  • Green Dragon, upgradeable to Gold Dragon: a powerful dragon, but still not as powerful as Angel from castle Castle


Next castle is called Tower. Here are units:

  • Gremlin, upgradeable to Master Gremlin: basic unit with attack too powerful for basic unit
  • Stone Gargoyle, upgradeable to Obsidian Gargoyle: weak unit with low damage and low defense
  • Stone Golem, upgradeable to Iron Golem: high damage with great defense
  • Mage, upgradeable to Arch Mage: rare powerful ranged units, requires a lot of items to be able to train it
  • Genie, upgradeable to Master Genie: powerful spellcaster, it’s very fast
  • Naga, upgradeable to Naga Queen: high damage, high defense, who does not afraid Naga?
  • Giant, upgradeable to Titan: most powerful Tower’s unit, but still not as good as Angel from castle Castle


Next castle is called Hell. Here are units:

  • Imp, upgradeable to Familiar: both basic and useless unit
  • Gog, upgradeable to Magog: Imp with ranged attack firing fireballs
  • Hell Hound, upgradeable to Cerberus: after upgrade it’s 3-headed dog with splash damage
  • Demon, upgradeable to Horned Demon: unit with strong horns, get away from it!
  • Pit Fiend, upgradeable to Pit Lord: evil satyr with lash, with ability to stone your enemies
  • Efreet, upgradeable to Efreet Sultan: Efreet from hell lake with splash damage
  • Devil, upgradeable to Arch Devil: unit with teleport ability with deadly scythe


Next castle is called Necromancer. Here are units:

  • Skeleton, upgradeable to Skeleton Warrior
  • Walking Dead, upgradeable to Zombie
  • Wight, upgradeable to Wraith
  • Vampire, upgradeable to Vampire Lord
  • Lich, upgradeable to Power Lich
  • Black Knight, upgradeable to Dread Knight
  • Bone Dragon, upgradeable to Ghost Dragon


Next castle is called Dungeon. Here are units:

  • Troglodyte, upgradeable to Infernal Troglodyte: weak basic unit, but with a lot of HP
  • Harpy, upgradeable to Harpy Hag: effective air attack unit with ability to avoid counter-attack
  • Beholder, upgradeable to Evil Eye: strange unit, it fires laser, a funny and interesting unit
  • Medusa, upgradeable to Medusa Queen: something like Naga from castle Tower, but ranged
  • Minotaur, upgradeable to Minotaur King: durable unit, it deals critical damage at melee range
  • Manticore, upgradeable to Scorpicore: winged lion with poisoned tail
  • Red Dragon, upgradeable to Black Dragon: a dark dragon, very high damage and defense, the only unit powerful enough to fight Angel from castle Castle


Next castle is called Stronghold. Here are units:

  • Goblin, upgradeable to Hobgoblin
  • Wolf Rider, upgradeable to Wolf Raider
  • Orc, upgradeable to Orc Chieftain
  • Ogre, upgradeable to Ogre Mage
  • Roc, upgradeable to Thunderbird
  • Cyclops, upgradeable to Cyclops King
  • Behemoth, upgradeable to Ancient Behemoth


Last castle is called Fortress. Here are units:

  • Gnoll, upgradeable to Gnoll Marauder: as for basic unit, it is very powerful, getting very effective with grosing HP
  • Lizardman, upgradeable to Lizzard Warrior
  • Serpent Fly, upgradeable to Dragon Fly
  • Basilisk, upgradeable to Greater Basilics
  • Gorgon, upgradeable to Mighty Gorgon
  • Wyvern, upgradeable to Wyvern Monarch
  • Hydra, upgradeable to Chaos Hydra

Turns are divided in three categories: days, weeks, months. Every seven days you get resources and units. During the game, you are running on map with your hero while leveling it, getting artifacts and rare items. By the time, you are getting sources for resources like wood, stones, gold, sand etc., to improve your chosen castle. All buildings got some requirements to get it done.

Goal of the game is to defeat your enemies by getting their castles. After your castle is conquered, you have 7 days to get new one, or you lost the game.

I have chosen Heroes of Might & Magic III, because it is my most favourite game from Heroes of M & M series. It’s aged, but still played by many players. It’s just legendary game with soul.


  • Well built game model with balanced units
  • Great maps
  • Sountracks, environments


  • Addictive
  • Bugs
  • Needs frequently saving because of crashes

My rating: 8/10

Ad revidum HoM V?…

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