Changing default calendar & e-mail client on macOS

Apple CalendarIn macOS Sierra, built-in calendar app and e-mail app are great, that’s true. But not for all users. I was long using default calendar/e-mail client, but I just wanted to know, how stand 3rd party clients. As for calendar, I have kept default app. There are some great calendars for macOS, like Fantastical 2, but without benefits worth to pay for me, but it’s true, that on my iPad I use Calendars 5 from Readdle. And what about e-mail client? I switched to Spark by Readdle, on both iMac and iPad. If you did so, you may experience issue – for example, e-mail links from web browser will launch built-in e-mail client instead of (in my case) Spark. Or using some sharing extensions may launch Apple’s Mail app. So question is: how to change it?

We will start from Calendar. First, launch built-in Apple’s Calendar app. Now go to settings via top menu – if you are unsure what I mean, it’s menu which is always located on top of your computer screen. On left side near Apple logo is name of running app – in this case “Calendar”. Click on that “Calendar” and choose “Preferences”. You should be under “General” tab – if not, click on “General” tab. You will see this:


Here you can set as default your prefered calendar app. As you see on screenshot, here are no other options in it – it’s because I don’t have any alternative calendar app installed. As I said, I’m using built-in calendar app, so no other options here. But this is changing with e-mail client – I have three e-mail clients. First one is built-in e-mail client, second one is “bloatware” MS Outlook from my Office 365 Home subscription and third one is client I really use – Spark from Readdle. So let’s change your default e-mail client:

First, launch built-in Apple’s Mail app. Now go to settings via top menu and select “Preferences”. Now it’s same as changing default calendar app – click on “General” tab. Here you can set dafault e-mail reader, as is shown here:


As you can see, I can set one of these e-mail clients (, Microsoft, as default. Just choose your prefered app and that’s all! Enjoy your new default apps 🙂

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