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My Must-Have apps for iPad, 2016 edition

By | 31/01/2017

My first iOS device was iPod touch 4. It was very long my only iOS device, until I purchased iPad Air 1 with iOS 7. And it was fantastic. Much bigger screen with IPS techology – iPod touch 4 uses TN panel – and iPad was not lagging like iPod touch 4 did. I personally don’t like new… Read More »

My Must-Have apps for Mac, 2016 edition

By | 27/01/2017

I use Macs since 2008, starting with MacBook White and ending with iMac Retina 5K. Since then, I have tested a lot of apps. Later, in May 2016, I founded and started to write (not only) app reviews. But are you interested in what apps I use on my Mac? All my apps are hand-picked, like apps… Read More »

Apple updated macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS

By | 24/01/2017

Apple updated its operating systems for Macs (macOS), iPhones, iPads, iPods touch (iOS), Apple Watches (watchOS) and Apple TV 4th generation (tvOS). macOS Sierra can be upgraded via Mac App Store, iOS update is available via Settings app under Preferences app -> General -> Software Update or via iTunes app running on your Mac or PC. For upgrading… Read More »

Heroes of Might & Magic III -> a legendary game

By | 15/01/2017

Some games are legendary. Most of today’s games are just based on graphic effects, marketing and extremely hardware requirements, without soul. You need nVidia GTX 1080 to play at 4K resolution because of “stunning graphic”, which is still not photorealistic as it should be, but hardware requirements are higher, so task is done. And of course, it does… Read More »

“Hacking” notification sounds in macOS

By | 12/01/2017

Some users of operating system from Apple, macOS, are complaining about lack of customization. It’s true that macOS is not as customizable as Windows or Linux, but some of these restriction can be overriden by simple “hacks”. This applies on notification sounds too. Did you want to choose notification sound for your favourite app, but app does not… Read More »

Changing default calendar & e-mail client on macOS

By | 10/01/2017

In macOS Sierra, built-in calendar app and e-mail app are great, that’s true. But not for all users. I was long using default calendar/e-mail client, but I just wanted to know, how stand 3rd party clients. As for calendar, I have kept default app. There are some great calendars for macOS, like Fantastical 2, but without benefits worth… Read More »

Rate our web for year 2016!

By | 02/01/2017

How do you like our web? Just rate us! We are working hard to produce articles of high quality with focus not only to IT pros, but beginners too. We started just in middle 2016 and we already created totally 60 articles. If you want, we will be happy if you leave a comment. In case of any… Read More »