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By | 13/12/2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4Year 2016 is slowly ending. I enjoy to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, especially with that great S-Pen, so I decided to write about my top 3 apps I use on my Android device. It’s just content consuming, so nothing like file management or office or even programming. Although Galaxy Note 4 got large screen with its great S-Pen, it’s still just mobile phone. I have a big desktop PC to create content. So let’s look what am I using.



I will start with Czechoslovak (Československá filmová databáze – Czechoslovak Movie Database). If you speak slovak or czech, here you will find a really big and complex movie database with features like comments, ratings, interesting facts, photos etc. Rating is interesting – CSFD got community with millions members, so finding movies worth to watch is really easy. Best movies are in red field, good are in blue field and junk is in gray field. CSFD is here for years and app for Android is much better than outdated, unresponsive web version. So this is must-have app for all movie maniacs.


  • Big database of movies
  • Web interactive
  • Clear design


  • Aggressive ads
  • Hackers attacks
  • All comments are under review
  • You have to fill form with 200 items if you want to post comments and other stuff



Sport rules the world and every sport fan should get this app. Behind this idea and app are developers from Slovakia. Currently is not available in english language, but developers are working on it. This service was meant as worldwide, so this is a reason of “.com” domain. You can watch final scores, tables of matches – past, current and future, and use filters to point of your sport interest. NHL, NBA, KHL, UEFA etc., all is here. Every fan of sport should have it, no matters if you like ice hockey, football, tenis, baseball, diving, american football, golf, swimming, basketball, skiing or other ones.


  • Desing
  • Notifications
  • Filters


  • Missing english localization

TuneIn Radio:

TuneIn Radio

Radio stations from whole world. Listen music and news from almost any radio station, no matters if it’s located in New York City, Los Angeles, Africa or even China. Let’s travel world without leaving your home. A lot of current smartphones does not support FM radio frequency, so TuneIn Radio is a great replacement. Plus you are not limited by geolocation. Only you need is Internet connection.


  • Desing
  • Radio stations from whole world
  • Completely free


  • Ads
  • Internet connection required

So here are my favourite app on Android. I use them daily, I can’t imagine my life without them. Smartphones are amazing, just look 10 years backward, no Android, no iOS and Internet connecton in mobile phone was something unusual. Not even talking about obsolete WAP…

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