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By | 18/11/2016

ComputerToday story will be about my new computer. My laptop was gone after 5 years, so I decided to get a new computer. For now, it will be a desktop. I was building it by myself, because with this way you can get better PC for lower price, it just needs some skills and googling. I will cover all my key components, like CPU, RAM, GPU etc. This computer costed me about 1200 euro. I provide you links on my components, here I will only describe them in short. Now, let’s look at components:

Motherboard: Fatal1ty E3V5 Performance Gaming/OC


This motherboard is high-quality carefully choosen component. It 100% fits my computer’s hardware. It belongs to hi-end entry class, which is needed for every advanced users without significantly affecting budget.

CPU: Intel Xeon Processor E3-1230 v5


I know that Xeons are server CPUs, but it’s better suited for high-demaging tasks under heavy load. I have checked many forums and I have chosen this model. Performance is really great, I tested it on GTA V on ultra, CPU was really quiet without overheating.

RAM: HyperX FURY DDR4 Memory


I purchased 16 GB of RAM. Here are no longer times when we were running Windows XP with 512 MB RAM and gaming machines were equiped with 1 GB RAM. Today’s software and games are getting better, but with impact on optimization, so we still need more and more RAM. For browsing web and MS Office, 4 GB of RAM is enough, but if you want to process video, edit photos with Photoshop and play recent games, 8 GB is minimum. For home user should be 16 GB RAM enough. There are already games with 8 GB RAM minimum, so if you are going to buy new computer for gaming, make sure that it supports at least 16 GB RAM. If you are going to get laptop, check user access to RAM. Some models got RAM attached directly to motherboard, so it is not upgradeable, you will need to change whole motherboard.

GPU: Gainward GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB Phoenix “GS”


GeForce GTX 1060 is world phenomenon. It’s the entry-level of gaming GPU, I tested GTA V on ultra with Full HD resolution and it rans very well.

Disk: SSD 750 EVO 2.5″ SATA 250GB for Business


Seagate BarraCuda Desktop 1TB SATA III 3.5″


I have chosen combo of SSD + HDD. 1 TB HDD is enough for me, I own external 1 TB HDD too, so I have enough storage. My SSD is used for OS and essentials, while HDD for datas like movies and games. GTA V itself needs about 65 GB and 1 TB+ SSDs are still expensive.

PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G2 Power Supply


I have chosen this power supply by reviews from professionals. It was created exactly for my custom-built PC. Power supply must be strong enough to power high-performance PC and cooler is important too, so be careful!

Case: Carbide Series® 200R Compact ATX Case


Yea, this case is little bigger, but high-performance components simply need enough place. This case was recommended to me. I was thinking about more expensive case, but I abandoned this idea. Investing more that 100 euro to case is for me wasting of money.

Windows 10 Home Edition 64bit:

Windows 10

I was forced to get Windows 10, but hopefully it runs well, not as on my former laptop. Maybe it was because of upgrade from Windows 7 and not fresh install of Windows 10. System with SSD is very fast, after logging-in to my account computer is ready instantly.

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