First mobile phones, tablets… Do you remember?

By | 17/11/2016

NokiaHello, this is the first story from me – Raynor. Be little nostalgic, let’s remember old, monochromatic mobile phones, PDAs and other old mobile devices. Times, when SMS were used over e-mails, because of availability of Internet connection or even computers itself. If you were born at 1991 as me or earlier, you may know it. Today we got smartphones, tablets and laptops. Everyone can be online everywhere, thanks to wi-fi and cellular network. We are stopping using SMS and e-mails and moving to social networks. In last years our mobile world had radically changed.

I remember times, when my parents bought their first mobile phones. It was awesome! We could use it everywhere! We were calling for fun and enjoyed this advanced technology. It may be funny for todays teenagers, but these days were like a magic. If you had a mobile phone with built-in aerial and support for 250 contacts on a SIM, you were like a boss. Later, I inherit mom’s mobile phone, it was Nokia 3110. Very simple device, even without clocks, so when I wanted to know time, I had to request SMS about remaining credit and then look at delivery time in received SMS.

Later appeared something new – mobile phones with colour display. Some of them had attachable camera and later high-end models got integrated camera. And magazines full of images to purchase and download via WAP, where one image costed 30 SKK (about 1 euro). Some mobile phone users had Bluetooth or Infraport, so they could share images and MIDI tones for free.

Later I got new mobile device – Nokia 3100 (without external camera). I was browsing WAP, because I still had no access to Internet, I relied on Internet connection in our school. I downloaded some media, but it was still expensive and very limiting. Later, I got data cable, so I could transfer my media from computer to mobile phone. There was one big limiting factor – Nokia 3100 got only 1 MB of storage.

After some time, my father got a new mobile phone, so I inherit his Sony Ericsson T610i. It was much better device, it had both Bluetooth and Infraport, integrated camera, dictaphone and 2 MB of free storage! This was very big step in technology compare to Nokia 3100. I was converting mp3 files to low-datarated AMR audio files. Quality was poor, but in that times it was awesome.

In 2006, I have finally got an Internet connection and new mobile phone – Samsung SGH-E250. It was my first device with availability of watching and recording videos. And the best one – it got memory card support! I purchased 256 MB memory card. Very big step in technology. I had one of the best phone in our school class.

In about 2 years, I got gift – Nokia 6300, which was later replaced by Sony Ericsson K770i. I hadn’t used them very often, because I got laptop in autumn 2008.

Later in year 2013, I purchased new laptop – MacBook Pro Retina 15.4-inch. I purchased my first tablet in early 2014 too – iPad Air 64 GB Wi-Fi only. I created ecosystem in Apple world. I was still owning Sony Ericsson K770i, till I in summer 2014 replaced it with Samsung GT-S5611. Even I later upgraded my iPad to iPad Air 2 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular and in autumn 2015 I purchased maxed-out 12.9-inch iPad Pro, my mobile phone was still dumbphone.

In 2016, I got my first smartphone. No, it was not iPhone. I got Nokia Lumia 640 LTE. I thought that Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile would be good, but it lacks of 3rd party apps because of low-motivated developers and Microsoft’s frequently changes. Although Microsoft claimed that all Lumia Phones with Windows Phone 8.1 will get big update called Windows 10 Mobile, it was not truth. I got luck, my model was updated, but I was losing my interest in Lumia phones. So later, when we were prolonging our Internet connection contract, and I got opportunity to get new device for low price, I have chosen phablet Huawei MediaPad M2 8 LTE, so I sold my Nokia smartphone. I’m much more satisfied with Android.

So this is my mobile story. From Nokia 3110 to Huawei MediaPad M2 8 LTE. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂


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