Apple finally cleans up App Store

By | 16/11/2016

(Mac) App StoreIn September, Apple warned developers, that it will remove from App Store old, abandoned and useless apps. Apple’s App Store is full of a junk and cleaning it up is a necessary task. We can find many apps last updated before 2 years or even more. Also, there is a lot of useless apps like many “Mecca finders” and clones of Flappy Bird. Apple said, that it will remove all apps, that don’t meet quality standards of being functional and up-to-date. Deadline passed and thousands of app are being removed from App Store.

Sensor Tower reports that about 47300 apps were removed in October, over 28% of apps were games. About 50% of apps weren’t updated since May 2015. In App Store are many useful apps without updates for long time, like popular Photogene and Photosmith. If you purchased app in past which is gonna to be removed from App Store, you should be able to re-download it, but don’t rely on it. I personally don’t like when my favourite app stops being updated. Before buying app, always look at the latest date of update and version number – apps with version number of 1.1 and with the latest update dated to 2 years ago probably won’t get updates. Reviews in App Store may be helpful too.

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