Galaxy Note 4 forever?

By | 07/11/2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4Hello again dear readers of, my blogging is targeted at mobile world and today I will write again about Samsung. I’m owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so I was really interested in cause of Galaxy Note 7 with its exploding battery, especially because of similar problems were issued on Galaxy S6 Edge+. I was thinking about to switch to other brand, but what offer other manufacturers like Apple, Sony, LG, Lenovo or Xiaomi?

Samsung was my favourite manufacturer. Monitors, TVs or other electronics, I prefered Samsung, because of high quality. Little pricey, but worth of it. When was introduced Galaxy Note 4, the price was 700 euro. Some users were complaining, but many of them bought it anyway.

Why Galaxy Note 7? Why that exploding battery? It was said, that Samsung was just sparing as much money as it could. But why? Earnings were very high, but because of Galaxy Note 7, Samsung lost a lot of money. Because of not removable battery, Samsung had to replace whole smartphone. But problems issued again.

Some users were reporting problems with Galaxy Note 5 too. Should I pay attention as Galaxy Note 4 owner? What’s happening to Samsung? With new smartphone models, we get new SoC, more RAM, better camera… But what about battery? Are batteries in older Samsung’s smartphones dangerous too? Just keep your eyes on while charging your battery.

I’m really satisfied with with my Galaxy Note 4. But after all, I got doubts. And Android 6.0 degraded S-Pen. And Samsung was not playing fair. My smartphone is from year 2014, but I won’t get update to Android 7.0. It’s true that newer Samsung’s smartphones are much more superior, but it’s unfair. Did Samsung want to force users to get Galaxy Note 7?

And with new themes concept, Samsung probably wanted to force users off from finding themes on malwared Android stores (including Google Play), trying to get life back to boring Android interface, but I can’t understand this step, many good, verified launchers are already on market. But Samsung is against it.

And after 2 years, Galaxy Note 4 is still top smartphone. Yea, Android device after 2 years! Android is running fluid, without lags. It’s just awesome device!

I’m not an user who need always actual high-end flagship. Solution for me is Galaxy S6. It’s just one year old and price dropped from 699 to 370 euro. And it’s Blue Topaz edition looks really luxuriously:

Galaxy S6 Blue Topaz Edition

Galaxy S7 is not as succesful as its ancestor. And that Edge version. I personally don’t like curved display, but it’s about opinion and users’ needs. As for me, it’s good to display clock without waking up my device, but that’s all. Glance Screen is much better solution. Galaxy S8 will only be probably in Edge edition.

So I’m looking on Galaxy S6 in Blue Topaz color. It’s still one of the best mobile photo solution and 5.1-inch display is amazing. So let’s see what will happen and hope that my battery won’t be K.O.

Thanks for reading dear friends. ZURTES.

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