Handoff-like feature in iOS 10

HandoffToday, I have registered interesting feature in iOS 10. It looks like Handoff, but it’s not exactly Handoff as we know it, but it’s similar. I was finding some data about one pharmacy in my city. It provided me map from Google. After that, I went to app switcher by double-click with Home Button. And then I saw banner from GPS navigation Sygic, exactly like from Handoff-enabled app. I didn’t know about this feature and it may works with another 3rd party apps, like other GPS navigators.

If you don’t know what means “Handoff”, read more about it HERE.

It’s really similar to Handoff:

Sygic Handoff

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Unfortunately, it does not work properly. It ends up by error while Sygic is launched. It showed that gained geodata from Safari web browser are out of map. I personally don’t know where is problem, but this feature looks good.

Update 1st – 28th April 2018: I tested it again on iOS 11, it works no longer.

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