Monthly Archives: November 2016

First mobile phones, tablets… Do you remember?

By | 17/11/2016

Hello, this is the first story from me – Raynor. Be little nostalgic, let’s remember old, monochromatic mobile phones, PDAs and other old mobile devices. Times, when SMS were used over e-mails, because of availability of Internet connection or even computers itself. If you were born at 1991 as me or earlier, you may know it. Today we… Read More »

Apple finally cleans up App Store

By | 16/11/2016

In September, Apple warned developers, that it will remove from App Store old, abandoned and useless apps. Apple’s App Store is full of a junk and cleaning it up is a necessary task. We can find many apps last updated before 2 years or even more. Also, there is a lot of useless apps like many “Mecca finders”… Read More »

Galaxy Note 4 forever?

By | 07/11/2016

Hello again dear readers of, my blogging is targeted at mobile world and today I will write again about Samsung. I’m owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, so I was really interested in cause of Galaxy Note 7 with its exploding battery, especially because of similar problems were issued on Galaxy S6 Edge+. I was thinking about… Read More »

Handoff-like feature in iOS 10

By | 03/11/2016

Today, I have registered interesting feature in iOS 10. It looks like Handoff, but it’s not exactly Handoff as we know it, but it’s similar. I was finding some data about one pharmacy in my city. It provided me map from Google. After that, I went to app switcher by double-click with Home Button. And then I saw… Read More »

Apple updated iOS

By | 01/11/2016

Apple just released little update for iOS 10. It points to issue, when some users were unable to view data from Health app. Apple has also fixed some other minor bugs. Update is recommended for all users of iPhones, iPads and iPods touch running iOS 10. Update is available via Settings app under Preferences app -> General ->… Read More »