NVidia announced cheap GPUs based on Pascal

nVidiaNVidia officially announced the most cheapest GPUs of Pascal family – GTX 1050 and more-powered GTX 1050 Ti. These GPUs are first desktop GPUs powered by cores GP107 manufactured by Samsung with 14-nm FinFET technology. Older Pascal chips were equiped with 16nm FinFET technology manufactured by TSMC. These graphics cards should be available at 25. October. What’s the differencies? Is Ti version worth extra 30 bucks? We think yes. Let’s compare.

These GPUs are very similar. Propably the biggest difference is amount of memory – GTX 1050 only got 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM, which may lead to higher FPS drops while playing high-demanding games. Core speed of 1455 MHz propably can be overclocked while playing games or doing performance-intensive tasks. TDP is 75 Watts, so no additional power supply required, but it’s possible that there will be special, overclocked editions with higher TDP requiring additional 6-pin connector. Number of CUDA units is 640.

GTX 1050 Ti will feature 4 GB GDDR5 VRAM. Number of CUDA units is set to 768, but cause of keeping 75 TDP the boost frequency is 1392 MHz. Manufacturers may change boost frequency, at the cost of higher TDP and more heat.

Performance should be somewhere between Radeon RX 460 and Radeon RX 470. It was said that AMD will reduce price of RX 470 as reaction to GTX 1050 Ti from 199 to 169 USD, but it’s not official announcement, just rumor.

And now, let’s compare GTX 1050 (first one) with Ti version (second one):

  • Architecture: both Pascal
  • Core name: both GP107
  • Manufacturing process: both 14-nm FinFET
  • Core speed: 1455 MHz vs. 1392 MHz
  • CUDA: 640 vs. 768
  • Memory type: both GDDR5
  • Memory speed: both 7 Gb/s
  • Amount of memory: 2 GB vs. 4 GB
  • Memory Bus width: both 128 bits
  • TDP: both 75 W

NVidia GTX 1050 price is set to 109 USD, it’s more powerful counterpart GTX 1050 Ti will cost 139 USD.

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