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ProTubeWatching videos on YouTube is popular on our smart mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. Some users use web browser to do it, some users prefer native mobile application. Some YouTube apps allow you to log in, so you can watch your playlists, subscriptions, send comments, etc. Watching YouTube content on your iPad (and iPhone/iPod touch too) may be great experience, especially on big iPad Pro, but I have some bad news – some features are only available in Google’s official Youtube app, like 4K and 60 FPS videos. But I got one good news too – ProTube solves it. ProTube is, as I know, currently the only YouTube app in the App Store, except that Google’s one, which can be used to watch your videos in 60 FPS or even 4K.

ProTube for YouTube is awesome app. No more annoying ads, enjoy 60 FPS gaming videos and working Picture-In-Picture. PiP is not available in Google’s official YouTube app, probably because YouTube ads can’t be displayed in Picture-In-Picture mode. Want to play YouTube music in background? Want to watch videos, that are blocked on mobile devices? Want to adjust playback speed? ProTube can do it all! You can sign in to your YouTube account to view and manage your uploads, playlists and subscriptions. You can view rating, top/recent comments and even add your own comment/reply to comment.

iPhone 6S and newer can benefit from 3D touch features of ProTube. On multitasking-enabled iPads, you are allowed to use Split View and PiP. Sometimes, you may want to minimize video track within app without using PiP. ProTube can do it, you can watch videos and working on something other in ProTube app, even when your iPad is not supported by PiP. Please note, that this feature works only while ProTube is in front, it’s not replacement of PiP! Another bonus feature is ability to mirror videos to your TV with AirPlay or Chromecast.

Some features are limited to some devices and iOS. Videos in 60 FPS, 1440p and 4K videos are limited to iPad Air/iPad mini 2/iPads Pro or newer. As for iPhone, you will need iPhone 5S or newer. You will also need to upgrade your device to iOS 10.

Let’s look on screenshot:

Here is “Subscription” tab. Here you can switch between newest videos from all subscribed channels or just display newest videos from chosen channel:


Click here for full-sized screenshot

And here is another bonus screenshot – you can manage your playlists. You don’t need YouTube account for creating players within ProTube, but in that case it won’t sync with other devices or apps, playlists are offline:


Click here for full-sized screenshot

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

ProTube for YouTube

Update 1st – 06. May 2018: as you may know, ProTube for YouTube no longer works and it was also removed from the App Store, reason behind this is covered HERE.

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