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HyperDockI’m big fan of macOS, but I must to say, that I’m missing some features from Windows. Especially from bottom/left/right (varies by your personal settings) dock. I can choose in System Preferences if I want to minimize document into app’s icon in dock or at right side of dock. When you have open many documents from same app, like Word documents, dock is little messy. If I set minimizing documents on right side of dock, they are represented by little icon in dock and I can’t see which document is that one I want to work with. If I minimize it into app’s dock icon, I can’t see live preview or even any preview – only file names. Some Mac users are missing snapping windows from Microsoft’s desktop operating system. Solution is called HyperDock.

As I mentioned, minimizing documents is confusing. Just look how it looks when I minimize into right side of dock:

Minimize To Right Side

Can you see which document is that one you want to open? With minimizing into app’s icon you will see just filename.extension:

Minimizing To App Icon

Solution, as I mentioned, is app called HyperDock. Want live previews from Windows? Or just bigger documents’ icons in used app? No problem. Let’s see how it works:

Live Preview

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Here are many other features. HyperDock is highly customizable with many features, like mentioned window previews, activation delay after moving mouse cursor at app’s dock icon, ordering of opened documents by created date or recent usage, UI themes, elements on preview (application name, close button, minimized indocator/space number), grid layout of previews, settings for distance of previews from dock in pixels, size of previews window, etc.

Interesting is support for window snapping found in Microsoft’s Windows operating system. And if you hover mouse over dock icon of iTunes, Calendar and some 3rd party apps like Spotify, you can see another info, like upcoming event or currently played music.

HyperDock is available from Mac App Store and directly from developer. I strongly recommend to buy directly from developer. Last version in Mac App Store is 1.5, while 1.7 is out and with macOS Sierra compatibility. Plus, version on developer’s website is cheaper.

If you buy app directly from developer, it will appears in macOS’s System Preferences, version from Mac App Store will be installed as standalone app.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:


HyperDock on developer’s website

HyperDock on Mac App Store

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2 thoughts on “HyperDock – missing dock features from Windows!

  1. Justin

    I’ve been using Hyperdock for about a year now and it’s wonderful. I use a Mac laptop and a Windows 10 desktop, which brings me to my question: Hyperdock has a feature where if you scroll up or down on the titlebar it maximizes or reduces (but not minimizes) the windows. Hyperdock has spoiled me and now I want this feature in Windows. Any suggestions?


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