What you should know before buying USB 3 stick?

By | 07/08/2016

USB LogoAlmost all modern computers are equiped with USB ports. We use them to connect external devices like mouses, keyboards, cameras, printers, mobile phones, tablets… and USB sticks. USB sticks are useful – they are very portable and you don’t need any software to copy data between computer and USB stick. Services like clouds need Internet connection, capacity is very limited and speed is very slow in compare to flash-based USB sticks. This is why USB sticks are massively used. So if you decided to get fast USB 3 stick, this article is for you. Please note, that this article is very basic and it’s written for low-experienced computer users.

First you should realize which USB port version are you using on your computer. Version 3 is much faster than version 2. If you have computer with USB port version 3, you will need to get USB stick with USB 3 connector to experience full speed. And one hint: older versions of USB stick’s USB connector are compatible with newer USB ports on your computer and vice versa.

Second parameter is speed of flash storage on your USB stick and speed of disk in your computer. When you copy data from USB stick to computer, you need to count with USB stick’s flash storage read speed and computer’s disk write speed. And when you copy data from computer to USB stick, you need to count with computer’s disk read speed and USB stick’s flash storage write speed. If you need to experience highest speed, get USB stick with USB 3 standard with fast flash storage and computer with USB 3 port and SSD disk.

Don’t forget that if you see something like “speed 200 MB per second”, it’s only theoretical maximum speed. In real conditions it will be slower. And don’t forget that your computer’s disk do many operations at the same time, so data copying between computer and USB stick is not the only operation your system does. If you are copying many tiny files, performance is slowing down – one big file will be copied much faster than thousands of little files, even at the same total size.

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