Warning! App Store developer steals apps!

By | 01/07/2016

(Mac) App StoreAlthough Apple’s App Store has strict restrictions and app control, sometimes we can find fake software or malware. And this article will be about fake software. One app developer named “NGUYEN THOANG” is creating fake software! I personally use FileBrowser by Stratospherix and ProCam 3 by Samer Azzam – both of them are faked by this developer! Developer steals icons of apps and offers this fake software for App Store users.

Please, report this developer. If you have already bought app from NGUYEN THOANG, request your money back from Apple and don’t forget to explain Apple support that this is fake developer stealing software from another vendors. And please add review to his fake apps. It will help many others App Store users. Hope Apple will solve this soon. And once more, thanks to all who reports this developer!

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