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By | 22/06/2016

Net AnalyzerDid you ever want a powerful network analyzer right in your iOS device? An app to see many infos about your Local Area Network (LAN)? An app to diagnose possible network and Internet connection problems? In App Store are many apps to do this tasks, I have tried many of them and the best I found was Net Analyzer by Techet. It’s a powerful tool for network analysis, LAN scanning and problem detection. It’s equiped with a high-performance wi-fi device discovery tool and everything works with IPv6 too!

App contains four tabs: Information, LAN, Tools and Speed.

Information tab shows you essential data about your connection including default gateway IP, DNS server IP, external IP – all in both IPv4 and IPv6 – and HTTP proxy. Under connection info are data about your iOS device in LAN, including network connection status, SSID, BSSID, vendor, IP in LAN, subnet mask, IPv6 address and Bonjour/UPnP services. You can see amount of downloaded and uploaded data, but only since last device’s reboot due to App Store limitation.

Next tab is called LAN. It will scan your LAN for connected devices and to see their IP address and names, vendor name and MAC address. Custom range of IPs is supported. After tapping on device found in LAN, you can query it’s IPv4/IPv6 address with ping, route, ports (custom port range is supported) whois and DNS. Wake on LAN packet can be sent. You can check for Bonjour and UPnP services. Info about device in LAN contains IP address, IPv6 address, MAC address, vendor and pingability. NetBIOS Name/Domain, mDNS (Bonjour), LLMNR and DNS name are shown where available. Very useful and allows you to check if there is no unwanted device on your LAN. LAN scanning results can be shared by classic iOS Share Menu to send by e-mail or note into iOS’s Notes app, etc. Options varies by installed apps in your iOS device. Scan results are logged in app for viewing later.

Next tab is Tools. You can perform all tasks included in LAN tab for any IP/webpage on Internet Network.

In speed tab you can check your dowload and upload speed. Results are as both numbers and graph. It does not have any advanced features, it’s just basic speedmeter. Results are logged in app.

Design is clean and simple, just look at screenshots:

Net Analyzer Tools

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Net Analyzer Speed Meter

Click here for full-sized screenshot

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Network Analyzer – ping, traceroute, whois, DNS, net speed, port & wifi scanner

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