1Blocker is coming to Mac!

1BlockerSince iOS 9, Apple released new APIs for Safari browser – content blockers. Now you can block annoying ads, trackers etc. directly in Safari without need to get another browser with built-in blockers. One of the best content blocker is 1Blocker by Salavat Khanov. I have written about it (and Adblock Plus) HERE. And now, it’s coming right to your Mac!

Most extensions block content by filtering elements of already downloaded page. But 1Blocker uses modern Webkit blocking technology. It improves performance and battery life and it does not expose your privacy by scanning content of the pages you visit. It’s very useful.

1Blocker can block annoying ads, various social widgets (like Twitter and Facebook), share buttons, obtrusive EU cookie law notices, custom web fonts, adult sites and more.

1Blocker is highly customizable, just look at screenshot:

1Blocker Mac Screenshot

Click here for full-sized screenshot

After installing 1Blocker from Mac App Store, install additional Safari blocker via 1Blocker app. Just go to top menu of Mac desktop, click on app name (it’s on top-left) and choose “Install Safari Extensions”. There you can find “Website Inspector”. With this tool you can analyze web page for Ads, Trackers and Widget Scripts.

If you got 1Blocker for both Mac and iDevice, you can sync 1Blocker settings, like rules, whitelist etc. via iCloud. This feature can be disabled.

Since Adblock is passing more and more ads, “thanks” to it’s business model, 1Blocker is great alternative sponsored by users, not advertisers.

I personally use 1Blocker on both Mac and iPad Pro, I can recommend it.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

1Blocker – Block ads, tracking scripts, anything

1Blocker on Mac App Store

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