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Hydra CameraWhile iPhones are still getting better and better camera, iPads are “forgotten” with not the best camera. 9.7-inch iPad Pro got many improvements for camera including flash light, but all other iPads still got poor camera. Taking photos with iPad, especially 12.9-inch iPad Pro, may look strange, but sometimes it may be handy. Main problem is high noise and poor low light quality. But I found solution. It’s called Hydra.

This photo app is unique. It captures more light by merging up to 60 frames to create single high-quality picture, so you will get less noise, more highlights and shadows. It’s possible thanks to camera APIs and GPU rendering technologies found in iOS 8 and higher. Hydra provides 5 modes:

  • HDR
  • Video-HDR
  • Lo-light
  • Zoom
  • Hi-res

HDR: Hydra’s High Dynamic Range mode is based on technology with capturing up to 20 images to create great photo even in the most difficult lighting conditions.

Video-HDR: this mode uses single-image tonemapping and device-specifing sensor mode to create nice videos.

Lo-light: I personally think that this is the most useful feature in Hydra. It’s similar to HDR, but it amplifies light by factor of 10 to provide better image quality.

Zoom: this mode uses real-time, super-resolution technique to recreate missing pixels from hand motion. It provides much more details like classic digital zoom (do not confuse with optical zoom!)

Hi-res: this mode can combine many pictures taken by Hydra into one big, up to 32 MPx photo.

How it works in real life?

I have taken few photos. I haven’t changed ISO, shutter speed or something like this, I just launched Hydra and take some random photos. It was done so because many people use iPad camera like this.

First, let’s go see photo created by Lo-light mode. First one is taken without enhancements and second one is enhanced by Hydra:

Amazing? Now let’s see zoom feature. I have chosen 4x zoom to test. First one is taken without enhancements and second one is enhanced by Hydra:

Look at green rectangle. In forst photo, text is readable, but still little noisy. And now look at second photo – text in green rectangle is much more readable and cleaner, including lower noise.

And at last, I will show you Hi-res mode. First one is taken without enhancements and second one is enhanced by Hydra:

Can you read title on the bottle put in center of first photo? As you see, second photo is much clearer and you can read “Kofola” on bottle. It’s still little blured, but still much better quality.

Don’t forget, that taking so many photos to be enhanced takes some time, so it’s useless for moving items. Hydra was designed to use for static images.

Before taking photo in any of these modes, check Settings (under red shutter button) to adjust resolution or another options if available.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Hydra – Amazing Photography

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