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By | 14/06/2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4I remember old mobile phones. Little nostalgic. Today’s teen generation knows iPhone and Android smartphones with touch display. Let’s get into my childhood and remember old good times. If you feel nostalgic too, we feel same 🙂

At elementary school, I didn’t get any mobile phone. For today’s kids something incredible. If they didn’t get iPhone or newest Android smartphone, they still get lower-priced Android smartphone or older iPhone. Classical “button mobiles” are out, now only touch screen, otherwise you are not cool and awesome. Owning smartphone now defines social status and nobody wants to be outsider.

Sendo S200

Later, in 2004, when I started visiting Church Secondary Grammar School, I got my first mobile phone – Sendo S200. It was awesome! I can call and send SMS to anyone! And alarm – something amazing! I got very happy, not as today teen generation with “why no latest iPhone? Why iPhone 5S and not iPhone 6S?”. In these day, when somebody got mobile phone with colour display, he was king.

Sony Ericsson W200i

I got my first mobile phone with colour screen at 2007 – Sony Ericsson W200i – replacing my Sendo S200. This walkman phone had amazing sound, I was enjoying music with earphones, ignoring what is happening around me. Highly addictive. I hate only one “useful feature” – Orange theme by my mobile career. After each restart it returned back, even if I have choosen another theme. And camera – no one cared it was only 640×480 (VGA), you got a minicamera in your pocket, usable anytime and anywhere.

Sony Ericsson W910i

By year 2009 I got unexpected gift – Sony Ericsson W910i. It was new level of mobile exerience. I loved burst photos. Camera was very pleasant.

Sony Ericsson C510i

Unfortunately, in year 2011 my mobile phone crashed from uknown reasons and repair service was too expensive, so I was stucked with my parents’ old Nokia, already 5 years old. Hopefully, my friend borrowed me Sony Ericsson C510i. I was get used to W class, now I had C class – Cyber-shot. Camera was much better, I was really pleased to make photos with in. I became an amateur photographer :-). But phone was affected by long time using in the past and camera was soon out because of software error.

I always wanted Nokia N95 and later Nokia N96. But these models were killed by Apple’s first-gen iPhone and later iPhone 3G. Mobile market was changing and nothing was the same like before. Nokia and later Microsoft tried to fight iOS and Android with Windows Phone devices, but it was over. Market was mostly on iPhones and Android smartphones. After fail of Nokia, Sony Ericsson could handle it by creating new brand “Sony” leaving “Sony Ericsson”, later it was changed back with Xperia X smartphones and later again only “Sony” without “Ericcson” creating new class – Xperia Z and its smaller counterpart Xperia Z compact.

Samsung Galaxy S3

In years 2011-2012 I was using some old phones, till November 2012 – I got as my birthday gift the best smartphone from Android market – Samsung Galaxy S3. I was excited, but in first year it became very annoying. Smartphone was lagging. Factory reset did not help. Protecting case was touching sleep button. Contacts app issued restart of whole phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In 2015, I have earned for my new smartphone – Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I was little unsure, because of my experiences with Android, but iPhone was overpriced and 16 GB storage in entry-level iPhone was something I could not stand. My friend owned smartphone with bigger display and I found it awesome. That’s was a reason why to get Galaxy Note 4. Even it’s Android, it doesn’t lag, thanks to high-end hardware.

So this was my nostalgic post. Just compare my first Sendo S200 and my current Samsung Galaxy Note 4. What’s the future of smartphones? I don’t know, we will see in next 5-10 years. Thanks for reading and please leave a comment in discussion or share on social networks 🙂

Good luck, friends.

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