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nPlayerMany people enjoy watching movies on iPad. I personally own iPad Pro and with its big 12.9-inch display and four-speakers audio is watching movies on it amazing. But you will need decent video player. Wanna subtitles? Or playlist? Or stream from NAS – and even play via AirPlay to your big screen TV? iPad has no native app to support it. App Store is full of video players, but many of them are just crapware. The best one I found is nPlayer by Newin Inc. It’s universal app for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

nPlayer is amazing player. Interesting is way how to get videos to nPlayer. You will no longer need synchronisation with iTunes. Simply use iTunes File Sharing. This way is limited – you can’t create folders or subfolders, rearange or rename files, opening folders etc. I personally use iMazing from DigiDNA, full featured software for managing iOS devices. Other ways are via “Open with…” from another app in your iOS device, or download from NAS in your LAN or cloud storage. Supported protocols are SMB/CIFS, SFTP, FTP, UPnP/DLNA and WebDAV and supported clouds are Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Yandex.Disk. Also transfer via wi-fi is allowed. You can use direct link to your media. Last option is download from Internet network by simple web browser integrated directly in nPlayer.

nPlayer is highly customizable, you can change colors of UI elements, background color, menu type (Sliding View/Split View – I use this/Tap Bar), menu items – options to hide or show and organise items in main menu. In settings you can find advanced video settings like using H.265/MPEG4 decoder, aspect ratio etc, audio, subtitle and network. In settings is included something interesting – gesture settings. Gestures are fully customizable and includes both one-finger and two-fingers gestures.

Let’s look at screenshot how looks nPlayer’s user interface:

nPlayer GUI

Click here for full-sized screenshot

And now during playback:

nPlayer Playing Video

Click here for full-sized screenshot

By using tap gesture, you can hide UI elements to enjoy full playback.

nPlayer is also optimized for iPad. It supports multitasking features, including Picture in Picture.

And security? If you have iOS device with Touch ID, you can use it to keep your files secure.

During playback, in settings (located at left side) you can see basic video properties – decoder, resolution and language, if applicable – and options to set aspect ratio, or flip horizontally/vertically. After enabling Post Processing, it will enable to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color space and deinterlacing. Audio can be adjusted too – by volume boost and delay. Also base info about audio is included too – audio codec, numbers of channels, frequency and language, if applicable. Adding own subtitles is supported too.

Useful feature is a Lock – you can enable it during playback to prevent accidentaly touching UI elements. If you want to play video faster or slower, it’s possible from 0.5x to 4x speed.

As for wireless protocols, AirPlay, Chromecast, Smart TV video cast and HDMI output are supported.

And what about supported formats?

nPlayer supports many video formats like mp4, mov, m4v, mkv, avi, wmv, asf, flv, ogv, rmvb, tp etc. with H.264 and MPEG4 HW acceleration.

Supported audio files are mp3, wav, wma, flac, ape etc. If audio file contains lyrics, it can be displayed.

Supported subtitles formats are smi, srt, ssa, idx, sub, lrc, sup, mlp2 etc.

Supported playlist files are cue, m3u, pls.

nPlayer officially supports DTS audio codec (DTS HD), Dolby audio codec (AC3, E-AC3) and Dolby Mobile Surround Sound. A lot of video players does not support these codecs, because they must to be licensed first. That’s reason of nPlayer’s high price.

Video and audio files can be played in background, even if iOS device is locked. This feature has many uses, like playing music while you are falling asleep.

nPlayer got classic file management, so you can your videos move/copy, rename, delete, send to other apps, create folders and subfolders etc. Not everybody likes iTunes-style libraries and many users still use classic folder system, even if they have filled all tags. Folder structure is very universal and you are not vendor-locked.

I’m very satisfied with nPlayer. In short, it’s the best movie player on the App Store.

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