Be aware of fake security software!

By | 09/06/2016

Security LockInternet is full of malware and fake security software. With social engineering they may get your administrator password. Maybe you think “that’s impossible, I take care, I never provide administrator password to other people”. But fake security software may not directly see your password, but can make damage to your computer by granting administrator rights. Still impossible? Let’s see.

Just imagine you are finding security software. You found one and it got free version! So OK, you install it. It shows many security issues (without asking for administrator password). So you click on button “Repair” or something like this. But app says, that free version can only find security issues, to fix it, you need full, paid version. OK, you buy full version, fix security issues and done. Computer is safe again.


It’s possible, that mentioned security issues simply does not exist. Fake security software wants to get paid and after you rescan your computer again with paid version, security issues simple dissapear.

For what is it good?

In better case, it does nothing, it just want to drain money from you. But imagine, that paid version needs to remove security issues your administrator password or exception in your firewall! This fake security software may not see password directly, but still can make a lot of problems.

Please download security software only from verified software vendors. I can recommend Little Snitch, very useful software, including free version with some limits. Do not crack it! It’s worth that money and cracking is, especially security software, big security issue.

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