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Tweetbot 4Tweetbot 4 by Tapbots is an example of app well optimized for 12.9-inch iPad’s Pro large display. As I personally own this iPad Pro, I’m really satisfied with Tweetbot 4. Now I will review this great Twitter client. I personally think that it’s worth few euros for such great Twitter client. If you are active user of Twitter and you want a great Twitter client for your big iPad Pro, Tweetbot 4 is great choice. And of course, it works on other iPads, iPhones and iPods touch running iOS 9 and later.

After first time launch you will need to add and authorize your Twitter account. When done, welcome in world of Tweetbot 4:

Tweetbot 4 Homescreen

Click here for full-sized screenshot

As you see, here are 3 columns. First is filled with category icons (Timeline, Mentions, Messages, Stats/Activity, Search, Likes, About you, Lists). Middle column shows content based on selected category icons. And third column is something special. It’s called Column View and it’s available on iPads and iPhone 6 Plus (it should work on iPhone 6S Plus too, please contact us if you know answer). Column View supports four categories: Activity, Stats, Mentions and Likes.

If you are using Tweetbot for Mac too, your timeline, unread status and mute filters are synchronised.

Timeline is tidy and organised. You can watch directly profiles by tapping on profile icon of another Twitter user. It also shows if that user follows you or not. After tapping any tweet in timeline you can answer a tweet, retweet, like, share via iOS Share Menu and one extra option to show details, viewing retweets and translate tweet to english.

Now let’s look what offers left menu from top to bottom:

Did someone mention you? Just tap “@”. You will see list of all who mentioned you. If you are getting many mentions, you can choose to display them at Column View.

DMs (Direct Message) are fully supported. You can read, answer and view history. Messages can be deleted one-by-one by tapping on selected message or whole conversation with selected Twitter member by swipping from right to left gesture at Messages’ threads list.

Interesting is Stats and Activity. Wanna see your stats for last week – numbers of likes you received, retweets of your tweets and number of new followers? With Tweetbot 4 no problem. In next category, Activity, you can watch your own Twitter activity – events like getting new followers, mentions, replying on your tweets etc. Both Stats and Activity can be viewed in Column View.

Search – simple, but useful. Nothing more to say, just try it yourself.

Wanna see tweets you liked? Here is list of them. Watch your favorited tweets in nice list. Column View option is here too.

Your profile. Choose your avatar and header image from Photos library, change your name, set your city, edit your webpage and update your motto. It also provides list of your tweets, number of followers and users you are following.

Lists – manage your lists and followed lists.

And the last one – Mute Filters. You can mute selected users, keywords (including regex), hashtags and even tweets from selected clients like Sprinklr and many others. With Tweetbot for Mac are your mute lists synced.

View Column got four selectable categories: Activity, Stats, Mentions and Likes. You can switch to any category at anytime.

Tweetbot 4 is fully optimized for both iPhones/iPods touch and iPads, including 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Multitasking on iPads is working too.

Interesting is feature called Topics. Topics are a way for you to easily compose multiple tweets about a subject which automatically chain together as replies and append the same hashtag. You can also automatically save the group of tweets as a Twitter Collection.

Internet links can be opened directly in Tweetbot 4. Thanks to Safari Viewer Controller your Content Blockers will work directly in Tweetbot without need to launch Safari itself.

Do you have more Twitter accounts? Tweetbot 4 can handle them all.

Please, before using Tweetbot 4 check in-app Settings. Here you can set display preferences, including night theme, sync settings (I recommend using iCloud), notifications and sounds settings, Browser settings, Quote Format, 3rd party services etc.

Tweetbot is also available for Apple Watch.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Tweetbot 4 for Twitter

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