Pocket Drive – create a wireless drive from your iOS device!

Pocket DriveiPhones, iPads and iPods touch did not get USB port or USB Mass Storage. When you connect your iOS device into computer, you only can transfer photos from Camera Roll. If you want to do more, you will need iTunes or 3rd party software like iMazing. This is a problem, when you want to transfer files into another computer. You can’t just connect your iOS device to computer with cable and transfer your files. Bluetooth data transfer does not work, transfer via FTP is unstable and often one-by-one file, cloud storage is not solution, because it needs Internet connection, you will get only few GB of storage, it’s slow and data hungry, especially when used on cellular network with limited data. AirDrop works only in world of OS X and iOS. But hopefully, I found solution – Pocket Drive by TOP APP d.o.o.

Just download app and you are almost done. After first launch, you will see few files – they are just samples, you can safely delete them. At the bottom of screen, tap “Settings”. First check tab “General” and turn on “Show file extensions”. It’s not neccessary, but I recommend to turn it on. The most important tab is “WiFi”. Make sure that “Enable Wi-Fi Drive” is on. In this tab you will see important infos under “Device name and IP”. You can watch File transfer tutorials later, if you are confused or if something does not work.

Creating server is simple – just launch Pocket Drive and you are done. Please keep app on iOS device’s screen, as it stops work when it is in background.

If you are using OS X, just turn on Pocket Drive on your iOS device and then open any folder on your Mac and check sidebar. You should see name of your iOS device under “Shared”, as on this screenshot:

Mac Finder Shared

If you can’t see, check Finder Settings and under “Sidebar” tab check “Bonjour computers”, like on this screenshot:

Mac Finder Preferences

After this, click on your iOS device’s name in sidebar. Pocket Drive on iOS device will ask for access permission. Then on Mac click on folder “Pocket Drive”, it will mounts as a Network Drive. Now you can drag-and-drop any file or groups of files. When done, in Pocket Drive on your iOS device use “Open with…” feature to move your files to another app.

Under Windows, it’s very similar. Open any folder and in AddressBar type “\\” (without dashes) and type name or IP address of your iOS device and press enter on your keyboard. If you are not sure about iOS device name or IP address, then, as I mentioned at beginning, check “Device name and IP” in “Settings” under tab “WiFi”. After this, open “PocketDrive” folder and you are done. Now you can drag-and-drop any file or groups of files, like on Mac. When done, in Pocket Drive on your iOS device use “Open with…” feature to move your files to another app.

If you are still unsure, watch tutorial videos right in the app.

You can set your password, so whenever you connect Pocket Drive with computer, you will need to type password on your iOS device. Touch ID is supported, if you have iOS device with Touch ID hardware.

App Store offers free and paid version. Free version offers upgrade to PRO version and option to remove or upgrade storage limit. I recommend to download full version via link below, but if you are unsure if it’s worth it, try free version.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Pocket Drive + file manager

Update 1st – 19. October 2016: Try app called “iFiles 2” by “Imagam.com”. It includes same feature of wi-fi transfer as Pocket Drive and much more. And it’s cheaper! I will review iFiles 2 later this year.

Update 2nd – 30. June 2018: iFiles 2 looks abandoned, try FileBrowser by Stratospherix with its WebDAV server or use Pocket Drive from this review if you are not tech-savvy.

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