Mobile data on iOS 9 and Wi-Fi Assist

Wi-Fi LogoDo you have iPhone or cellular version of iPad? And do you have iOS 9? Are you using cellular data with limited free data? Then this article is for you, I will tell you about feature called Wi-Fi Assist. This feature may be unwanted and it may significantly affect your bills, especially if you are abroad! Microsoft was criticised with it’s self-downloading Windows 10 causing very big data usage, that leaded to high bills if downloaded on limited connection. Something similar may happen to Apple users!

How it works?

It’s simple. When you are on wi-fi network and signal is too weak, iPhone/cellular iPad will switch to cellular data. Mobile data are usually limited and expensive, so you may want to disable this feature on your device.

It’s easy to turn off Wi-Fi Assist. Just go to Settings app, then tap “Cellular Data” and at the bottom you can disable it. Please check it asap, Wi-Fi Assist may be turned on as default!

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