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ViewExifDid you know, that photos taken by your iPhone’s camera contain some informations like GPS data? It may impact yout privacy when sharing a photo. Hopefully, most social networks purge these data, but social networks are not the only way to share your photos. For example, you may want to send photo by e-mail. These data are called metadata. So how to check for these metadatas included in your photos?

Solution is called ViewExif by Steven Zhang. Just download this app from App Store. Please note, that you will need iOS 8 or higher, because it works like extension for “Open with…” menu. After installation, we will need to enable ViewExif for share menu. Go to Photos app and tap on Share menu:

ViewExif Share Menu

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Now tap on More and by swipe enable ViewExif:

ViewExif Metadata Switch

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Optionally, you can move it in Share menu for desired position, mine looks like this:

ViewExif Extension Menu

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After choosing a photo, tap on ViewExif icon in extension menu. You will see something like this:

ViewExif Photo Metadata

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As you can see, there are many metadatas. Not all are displayed in this screenshot, as there are so many data. Of course, you can scroll to show more. By Share Menu in ViewExif’s upper left corner you can remove all metadata and send it.

I tried many photo metadata viewers and ViewExif I found as the best one. Sometimes occur a bug – a field “Name” shows invalid name, but name is not changed by ViewExif, it’s only bug in viewing file name. All metadata are correct (I tested it) and name is unchanged.

Awesome is, that ViewExif does not only work in default Photos app, you can see picture metadata in many 3rd party apps, as it works as extension.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:


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